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You are ready to...
  • Share a Confidential space
  • Release trauma
  • Transform toxic behaviour patterns
  • Increase levels of emotional availability as well as intimacy
  • Receive new tools and perspectives for building healthy relationships
  • Build a deeper connection in your relationship
  • Show a true commitment to resolving your inner conflicts
  • Minimum duration 6 months



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Your Medicine Woman Coaching is a fast track professional development program. It is designed to help you grow your practice in your unique way.

To find out more before diving into the work, join me for a discovery call now.

30 min Discovery Call


Medicine Woman 1-1 Coaching
Intuitive coaching, healing & mentoring sessions
For modern medicine women
This sacred container is for you when you want to...
Take your transformational work to an even higher level of visibility and global impact
Define and develop new, aligned programs and offerings
Deliver your work at a high level to your ideal clients
Fully empower and align your personal and professional relationships
Hone and perfect your unique healing and facilitation skills
Release your multi-dimensional blocks and wounds and fully step into your power

I hold a powerful space

For men and women  just like you: intuitive, sensitive, complex.

Men and Women who are ready to embody the shifts they need.

My clients love that I see things quickly and speak clearly.

That we can dive into the deepest layers of blocks and shadows and come up laughing together. That I champion them to reach their full potential, and most importantly: the safety and respect of the space that we create as well as the fast-tracked no-nonsense transformation that happens through the work.

I have helped Medicine Women (and men) to step up and shine on 4 continents over the last 8 years.

Your coaching sessions can cover:

Bespoke & Individualised Mentoring, Coaching & Teaching

Whatever your need on your unique journey into full Medicine Woman power. Tailored to you, your skills, your needs, your issues, your goals.

Integrated Healing Practices & Womb Awakening

Power retrieval, past life healing, emotional clearing and physical trauma release. Energy healing designed to integrate all the way to the cellular level. Connect to your grounded intuition, feminine power and inspired creativity.

Medicine Woman Soul Readings

Intuitive journeys through your unique Medicine Woman lifetimes, powers, challenges and destiny. An incredibly empowering way to view your multi-lifetime and multi-dimensional journey.

Advanced Intuitive Skills Mentoring & Energy Stewardship

Develop greater discernment and precision in your intuitive skills from a place of personal sovereignty and deep groundedness. Develop crystal clear boundaries, conserve your energy and maintain inspired sacred relationships.

Visibility & Abundance Coaching

Develop your authentic voice and message, connect to a wider audience, clear visibility blocks. Raise your self-value, clear wealth and abundance blocks to multiply your income and global impact.

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What other Medicine Women are saying:

"Through working with Diana I connected to my deep Medicine Woman. I began to own my unique voice and my unique essence and bring it into my work. This was a was game changer for me in terms of my professional life and a result I have so attracted many more clients, who I can now communicate with and empower on a far deeper level.

Working with Diana is amazing. She is grounded and down to earth, and yet the work is very profound and fast.  She facilitates you to connect deeply to yourself, your intuition and inner knowledge. She works alongside you, she does not impose anything but she helps you to see what is going on very quickly. I am so grateful to have Diana in my life." 

Julie-Maria Gosnold, Chiropractor

"When I started working with Diana, my professional life and my personal life seemed to be in conflict with each other. With her help I was finally able to integrate my scientific training and my intuitive energy healing gifts to provide a unique form of individual care for each of my clients, helping them to balance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Diana has helped me clear my blocks, overcome the fear of being seen as I truly am, and break through resistance so that I can embrace all the parts of my being to become a whole woman again. I have found an abundance and fulfilment in my life’s purpose I never thought possible."  

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