Powerful, intuitive healing & coaching for awakening women


The Feminine Coaching Method recognizes that as women we have own unique way of experiencing healing and life transformation in order to step into joy, fulfilment and success.


I work with 6 intensive one to one clients at any time. My clients include entrepreneurs, professionals, actors, artists, healers…and people just like you.


I like to give time, space and energy to truly hold the space for deep transformation to happen and REAL results to show. Our minimum coaching commitment together is 3 months of intensive weekly coaching.


My coaching is individual and unique to you. I don’t offer packages or programs. We work from where you are now to where you dream to be, on the inside and the outside.


Femine Coaching helps you to move through 5 KEY STEPS  to living your passionate feminine service. You navigate these steps by developing using your powers of intuition,  self-healing & inspired creativity and honours your authentic feminine way of manifesting.



You begin to see yourself in a whole new way, recognising your feminine gifts, self-value and passionate purpose. You use your intuition to discover your truth and sacred purpose.



You trust, celebrate and develop your creativity and innate gifts, knowing that what you most love doing is what you should be doing. You engage in intuitional, healing and creative training and self-development to get good at what you love.



You release the old emotional baggage, outworn self-perceptions and limiting life structures that hold you back from true joy and authenticity. You learn to see yourself as the powerful, sacred, unique woman that you are who deserves the most joyful fulfulling life.



You step out into the world with your passionate service, learning how to define and offer what you do to those who are destined to receive your offering. You gain confidence in your new role, expertise, message and identity.



You unconditionally share your gift and passionate service to the world through inspired action that stems from a clear self-vision, deep self-love and a glorious confidence in your gifts and abilities. You step into joyful abundance, knowing that as you give limitlessly of your gifts and service, you will receive everything that you need and more than you ever dreamed.



I would be honoured to assist you on your path to joyful living, inspired creativity and passionate service. If you have any questions about how we can work together contact me here.




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