Inspirational Stories of Feminine Power

Enjoy 3 incredible wisdom stories by Diana Beaulieu created to help you navigate the key feminine archetypes of Maiden, Sacred Lover, Queen & Crone.

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The Girl Who Did Not Want To Get Old

A young girl scorns the elders of her village for their age. As she makes a wish to stay young forever, the Goddess of the Sky grants her wish and a long journey begins.

Artist: Autumn Skye

The Snake Princess

A vain and misogynist King falls in love with the portrait of a mysterious and all-wise Princess. But to win her hand he must ask her a question she cannot answer.

Artist: Annelie Solis

Lion And The Sea

The Sea falls in love with the King of all the animals. How can she find the way into his proud heart? Only the Moon has the answers.

Artist: Cathy McClelland

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