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Earth Oracle Message for June 2023: Rest and Receive

This gentle, inspiration Earth Oracle message full of shamanic wisdom for women is designed to guide your footsteps this month in tune with Earth's energetic shifts.

The theme of June 2023's episode is that after an intense transformational journey, it is time to now rest and receive the energy of the Earth through her land, waters, air and natural elements. This journey will help you to receive natural Earth energy into your body even if it's difficult for you to get into nature. Enjoy this shamanic wisdom for women to guide your month.

LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES to accentuate the power of the accompanying music.

Download a beautifully illustrated transcript of the Earth Oracle Message:

June 2023 Rest & Receive FINAL
Download PDF • 467KB

Full transcript of the Earth Oracle Message below:

Earth Oracle Message, June 2023

Dear Daughter

Allow the door to open into the spirit world

And find yourself in a beautiful grove of trees where an oak tree presides.

Sit on the soft grass and let yourself relax your body as you listen to my voice

So the energies have been shaking and moving

And it has been a challenging ride for many of you

Because what is in the shadows will no longer stay silent

There is a need to bring it all up to the surface to be felt expressed and transmuted

For some of you, this will feel like a falling apart as though things have been getting worse.

For others, it will feel like a liberation.

Ultimately, it is both. It is a falling apart and a liberation

And there is much unknown around what comes of it

What will be breathed from this new air that is being fanned into existence

As the old diminishes and rots.

So this is a moment to take pause to rest, to lick your wounds,

To acknowledge the immensity and the magnitude of the journey

To acknowledge all of the layers that have come up for release, whether big or small

To lovingly nurture yourself as life has mirrored back to you

Aspects of your shadow that have not been easy to see.

And now the energy is beginning to soften.

So let yourself soften into it

Let yourself shake out the final vestiges of old energies.

Allow your tiredness to rise to the surface, if it is there and rest

The best way you can rest is to rest upon my skin,

To lie upon my body, to feel my telluric energy is absorbing into you.

To feel the stones and the soil, to feel the crystals deep within my skin.

To nourish yourself with good food, to allow yourself simply to receive, to restore.

There will be more waves, but this has been a big one all throughout the universe,

Through our solar system, through my body, a huge expression and release.

And I want you to know you were never alone in that.

There were many of you coming for this ride.

Those of you who have agreed to walk with my footsteps,

To synchronize with my energies,

To have the courage to accompany me in my evolution deeply and fully.

So just as I need to rest, so do you.

And if it is difficult for you to find a place in nature,

You can imagine yourself there, and it is just as powerful,

Perhaps a place where gentle waves are lapping at your feet

Or a mossy forest with ancient stones beneath it.

Just imagining yourself in that space already draws my energies into your body

So that on a cellular level you can recharge.

You can feel the cool green currents of nature

Fusing with the energies of your body and your spirit

And bringing a gentle and delicious nourishment to all of yourself

Take this in, drink this in the cool green energy of nature,

So pure, so full of vital force, so beautifully distilled from the sun, from the cosmos.

Take in the energy of my skin, of my core, of the crystals, of the rocks.

Take in the energy of the gold and silver and the metals

That run through my body like veins,

Conduits of electricity and intelligence inside my body.

Soak in the purity of the air. Breathe deeply into your body.

Receive into you the nourishment of my waters

The intelligence of the waters of my body

Of rivers, springs, oceans, clouds, and rain.

Soak in the fire of the Sun.

Allow his fire to ignite you all the way into your DNA

Gently burning remnants and residues of that

Which was not part of your true being anymore.

Use this month to rest. I am here to nourish you. I am here to hold you.

I am here to support you. I am here to help you revitalize you.

You have everything that you need in the medicine of my world.

Let the trees bend towards you as you walk through the forest.

Feel their loving whispers.

Let the flowers and petals unfurl - their fragrance is sent as a messenger of love.

Know that you are worthy to receive, that you are loved and cherished.

And I wish you to receive my nourishment in a thousand ways

As you sink into rest, into regeneration.

May restfulness guide your footsteps over this month.

I love you.


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