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Sacred Womb Awakening



Dear Sacred Womb Ambassador,


I am so delighted and grateful that you wish to help Womb Awakening grow as a healing & evolution modality for women across the globe. Below you will find your complete Resource Pack for recommending your contacts to the Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioner Training. 


Remember that you can get in touch with me any time by email or WhatsApp for answers and assistance when it comes to recommending this program to others. You will also find details of the next forthcoming Practitioner Training below. 


Thank you for making Womb Awakening grow in our communities across the world!


Love and blessings,

Details of Womb Ambassador Program

Covering Letter for Contacts

Fillable Application

(Please personalise with your name before sharing) 

Important Course Links

The Practitioner Training sales page with forthcoming course dates:

The latest curriculum of the 24 month program:

FAQs to give you more specific details about the course:

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