Thank you so much for taking the time to discover me and my offerings to you. It's a joy to connect with you.


I am a Modern Medicine Woman, Womb Awakening teacher, coach, author, speaker and storyteller.

My internationally recognised modality, Sacred Womb Awakening is the fruit of many years of healing and shamanic practice.

I have traversed deep shadow from this and other lives. I have transformed trauma and pain with grace and strength.


I have uncovered diamonds deep within - intuition, magic, and long-lost feminine knowledge that has laid buried for generations.

I support women worldwide to reclaim their innate healing, intuitive and personal power so that we can rise up and restore our sacred connection to each other and our incredible home, Earth.

It is an honour to meet you and work with you.

Love and blessings,

Can you understand the depths and heights of your sacred presence and power? You have come to create a new world. Do so with grace and compassion through your Sacred Womb."

Diana Beaulieu

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