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"Diana has been a deep reservoir of feminine wisdom, grace, healing and support for me. While I was healing through my divorce she helped me to go deep within myself, face my fears and obstacles, cry and howl the pain, and really get in touch with my shadow. Through her healing and coaching I was able to touch my truth again, leaving behind victimhood. I emerged as a soul-inspired woman living with an empowered mission and passionate purpose.  Together we work on my business, mission and goals to empower women through the sacred teachings of Shakti. Diana is a treasure and I am lucky to have found her and work with her on a year-to-year basis. If you want deep healing and transformation, please don't hesitate to go to Diana. If you are a woman ready to awaken to your power, go to Diana. If you are a woman who desires joy and freedom, go to Diana.”


Zinna Gupte - Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Sacred Dancer, Award-Winning Entrepreneur at Shakti Priestess. Teachings of the Sacred Feminine.




“Working with Diana brought an incredible turn around in my life. This woman exercises her powerful gift of vision and extra sensory abilities in the most exquisite way, she offers her gifts in service to the light of all human beings. Her field acted as a magnet to my lightest, most evolved inner aspects and brought forward to consciousness that which I knew was already within me, but didn't give myself the courage to recognize. With her I was able to overcome my childhood traumas and transform them into inspiration and vision for myself. With her compassionate support, I have become brave enough to go for what gives me most passion and love.”


Valerie M - Workshop Leader & Inspirational Speaker




“Diana works from a unique, brave and flexible stance that has both inspired and encouraged me in my own work. Quite simply, Diana is one of the very best!”


Andrew - Craniosacral Practitioner, Ceremonial Leader, Musician

"Diana's sharpness, clarity, intuition, humanity and experience of the Invisible have proved exremely useful both to my self-knowledge and self-development paths, as well as crucially valuable when applied to personal life decisions processes. I could not recommend working with Diana enough to whoever has the inner determination to grow and realize one's own potential."

Marc O. - Artist & Musician

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