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Sacred Woman Awakening

private membership agreement

Sacred Woman Awakening (“the club”) is a private membership club for those of mankind only to share knowledge about and expertise in womb healing, shamanic practice and select related topics; the club is hosted by i: a woman; Diana Bewley (who also at times creates courses, books and other property and shares knowledge and expertise and personal and professional development services under the name of Diana Beaulieu);

life-time membership is free; membership provides exclusive access to a range of knowledge, property and time; all activities through or within the club occur within the private domain only;

your enrolment on any course or training or purchase of any property offered within the club confirms your acceptance to the agreement of membership and laws of the club;

agreement of membership (general)

i enter into this agreement of my own free will; i, choose to establish this agreement between i, and the woman, Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu);

i agree to be responsible for my own actions and for the consequences of how i apply any of the knowledge i gain here;

i attest that my actions on this and any subsequent visit to the membership section of this website, and any other platform where club property is accessed or to any event or place provided within the club (including electronic communications) are by i, in my own right and private capacity as a man/woman, and not as an agent or representative for any governmental or non-governmental agency or organisation whose purpose is to enforce a legal code, act or statute where no man or woman has been harmed, or to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation; i, understand that this will be considered to be trespass by way of barratry and that i, will become immediately liable to pay compensation under this agreement, in the amount of €100,000 plus €10/minute the trespass continues;

i understand that any claims of wrong and or trespass under this agreement shall be governed by law and may be pressed in a court of law by and between those of mankind only;

agreement of membership (as applies to engaging with all and any any property, knowledge or live events provided within this membership)

i agree not to share, copy, reproduce, or sell any of the property offered here, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of the woman, Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu), who did create it;

i, agree to act according to the laws of the club, and not to engage in abusive, violent, irresponsible, menacing, destructive or harassing behaviour towards any other man or woman who does participate in the club, lest my membership be dismissed, and access to all time and or property offered by or through the club cease;


i understand that online events are often recorded and the recordings shared for teaching purposes within the club; by participating in any online event, i agree to your voice and or image being used and shared in this way; if i wish for my voice and / or image to be removed from recordings that are shared beyond those who do attend such events, i will need to contact the club and request this prior to the event taking place;

i agree that should i attend any online or offline events offered through the club, i am responsible for my own circumstances and feelings, and for their application of any guidance i may receive while in attendance, and agree not to attempt to make those who may host or may be in attendance responsible for said circumstances and or feelings, and or for any consequences of such application;

i take full responsibility for my behaviour in any live event organised by the club (whether offline or in person) and any content i post in any group or forum that is managed outside of this website, and do agree to treat other men and women with respect taking responsibility for their my offences, feelings and emotions during interactions with others;

i agree to keep my primarily attention on my own transformation; rather than offer advice and/or my personal opinions about the shares of others of mankind, i agree to reflect back to others only what touched, moved and inspired me about their shares, unless my advice and/or opinion is specifically requested during any live events or within any sharing forums provided on and off this website;

i agree to be 100% responsible for my own wellbeing during my entire engagement with the knowledge, property and live events offered within the club; i also recognise that the time and property offered within the club does does not constitute,  nor is a substitute for personal therapy;

should i find myself experiencing challenging emotions or circumstances that i am not able to manage, or navigating an overwhelming personal life crisis, i agree to be responsible for generating the additional support that i might need outside the live events or forums provided by the club;      

i agree to guard the privacy and honour the vulnerability of all those who share in the training: i agree that i will never reveal the identity of another man or woman within this club to any third party without their express verbal or written consent;

in recognition of how much we each impact group cohesion and safety, i agree to be responsible for generating cohesion, safety and well being when i share online as well as on other platforms provided by the course at all times;

specifically, i agree to share in non-victimised ways that foster the group learning and to honour the above mentioned agreements; if i become aware of, or am healing a traumatic event or circumstance in my life, i will refer to this in non-graphic and non-detailed manner;

i agree to create a confidential and safe space for the live calls that i attend; i agree to be physically alone in my office / room / space without allowing any others to come into the room during live events;

i agree to keep my video on during the class when video is on as this will help my course members know that i am fully present as well as alone in the call as we learn and share together;

laws of the club

the rules of the club are as follows and become law once you agree to the private membership club agreement;

the club, website, and knowledge offered herein is provided by i: woman; Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu) on an “as is” basis, in the private; i, offer my time and property through the club; and knowledge offered through this website or any outlet of the club is property of i,

all who use the knowledge offered through this website, or any other platform or outlet of the club, take full responsibility for said use;

i, as a woman, can speak to you as a man or woman only;

all who compensate for time and or property through this website or any other outlet of the club, do so as a man or woman in the private, directly to the woman: Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu);

i reserve the right to terminate membership to the club, or to remove access to a particular group or forum or offering, or to remove or edit any content, at my sole discretion, whether or not a compensation has been made in order to be a part of such a group, forum or offering on or off this website;

any property that i as a woman: Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu) did create, i hereby claim as my property;

any information you provide to this site you do so in the private; i consider the information you provide to this site as your property; i will respect your property and keep it private; i do not store credit or debit card numbers;

you can request a copy of any information that i hold about you; you can also request that i delete your information;

i have the right to change these laws from time to time as i see fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these laws; i will write to you when i change them, and you will be able to cancel your membership if you do not agree to the changes;

These laws also apply to any events offered by i: a woman, Diana Bewley (also at times acting under the name Diana Beaulieu) which may take place in any physical location;

To ask questions in regard to these membership agreements and laws of the club email

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