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Womb Practitioner Training

Womb Practitioner Training

Sacred Womb Awakening

Become a leader in the new feminine revolution

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FREE Masterclass "Increase the Impact and Income of your Holistic Business with Womb Awakening"

Next Level 1 begins October 2024

Dear Sacred Woman,

Are you ready to discover the "missing piece" that your clients need to resolve their past traumas and reclaim their full feminine power?

Become an authentic, embodied facilitator who confidently guides your clients to dive into their Pandora's Box in the Womb, heal their inner shadows and live their fullest lives.

As a Womb Awakening & Healing Practitioner you will catalyse incredible healing breakthroughs for your clients and also create a richly rewarding professional path for yourself.
Womb Practitioner Training Certification
Womb Practitioner Training

"Womb Awakening is the
Feminine Revolution"

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Sacred Womb Awakening offers your clients a revolutionary Womb healing journey.

Level 1:  Support your clients to connect to the physical, emotional and energetic reality of their Womb so that they can harness the power of their deepest feminine centre. Confidently facilitate embodied Womb Awakening practices.

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Level 2:  Guide your clients to alchemise complex wounding and trauma in their Womb. Heal and transform distorted masculine imprints, ancestral trauma, feminine fragmentation and soul loss, emotional trauma imprints, boundary violations, entanglement & co-dependency and lack of safety.

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Level 3: Open an ancient initiatory gateway into the Womb's shamanic power for healing, divination & multi-dimensional transformation through the Black Light or Feminine Source. Uncover energetic root causes of your clients' issues and imbalances.

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Sacred Womb Awakening is an officially recognised modality registered in 2018 with the IICT, one of the world's foremost complementary therapy organisations.

Training with a Premier Training Provider means that your certification carries weight worldwide and that you can can access competitively priced insurance for your work.

I am committed to providing the highest standards of training & support throughout your Practitioner training.


Train with the Founder


"I've drawn extensively on my scientific training, shamanic practice, embodiment work and my inner Womb wisdom to create Sacred Womb Awakening.


I have distilled decades of professional experience and my own profound trauma healing journey into an elegant and easy-to-implement empowerment pathway that will accelerate your healing work.

 Hundreds of private clients and Certified Practitioners across 35 countries have brought Womb Awakening into their lives and work. Many say this is the most powerful modality they've ever experienced."


Benefits of Training with Me

Womb Practitioner Training


Deeply heal your Sacred Womb - and facilitate feminine empowerment in others

Catalyse deep, powerful shifts and healing breakthroughs for your clients

Expand your professional skills, your practice and your profits with grace and joy

Womb Practitioner Training


Unparalleled support in your own personal healing & integration of Womb work

Individualised professional mentoring to build your unique teaching style

Integrate Sacred Womb Awakening into your existing practice.

 Build a personal & embodied foundation for your work


Become a Master Facilitator & Feminine Leader.

Confidently embody your unique teaching and facilitation style 
Inspire deep, real & lasting transformation in the women you serve.

Heal yourself and experience the  vitality, love and connection of your Sacred Womb
Womb Practitioner Training


Online training through live teaching calls, live facilitation practice, video training, self study and monthly assessment

Set up your own Womb Awakening practice and starting earning before you qualify
Get unparalleled business and marketing materials to create profitable courses, retreats and 1-1 client programs

Womb Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training Levels 1, 2 & 3

Level 1
( 4 months)

Skilfully and safely bring clients into an embodied and emotionally connected experience of their Womb.

Empower your clients to initiate powerful physical, energetic and emotional transformation of blocks and wounded energy in the Womb.

Master embodied and intuitive facilitation with 1-1 clients online and in person with unparalleled training, support and feedback from me and my team.

Receive your full Womb Healing personal healing toolkit.

Your Level 1 Curriculum

Level 1 Month 1: Get Grounded in Womb Energy Theory & Masterful Facilitation. Start your personal Womb healing program.

Hold space for foundational and life-changing Womb energetic practices even if you are new to transformational work - or initiate your transition from healer / "fixer" to powerful, embodied facilitator.

Essentials of Womb Awakening theory and background

  • The multi-dimensional layers of Womb Healing: physical, emotional & energetic 


  • The healing journey from wounded to whole woman through the Womb


  • Common health conditions affecting your clients in the Womb

  • When your clients are - and aren't - ready for Womb Awakening practices

Master, embodied, grounded and safe Womb Awakening facilitation

  • Cultivate your safe and embodied presence through the Womb

  • Use your intuition safely, responsibly and with safe boundaries

  • Create a safe container for deeply transformational 1-1 work (online and in-person)


  • Embody empowered vulnerability and authenticity as a facilitator


  • Teach your clients by example - getting grounded in your Womb


  • Set effective boundaries of responsibility and care with your clients

  • Full theory & background trainings on Womb Theory and Energetic Facilitation

Start your personal Womb healing program.

  • Full 8 week self-paced Womb healing program included with instant access to powerful tools for your own Womb awakening, healing and embodiment journey


Level 2
(8 months)

I've distilled 20 years of my own healing journey and my embodied shamanic experience to create a comprehensive pathway for Womb healing.


Facilitate advanced Womb Healing practices to heal distorted masculine imprints & receive the divine masculine, address ancestral lineage trauma, heal the distorted or fragmented feminine through soul retrieval, do depth boundary healing, release entanglement and co-dependency, resolve reproductive trauma and embodiment wounding.


Master powerful quantum and shamanic processes with 1-1 clients, groups and women's circles.


Set up your own Womb Healing practice with business & marketing materials. Pre-requisite: Level 1.

Your Level 2 Curriculum

Level 2 Month 1: Heal Masculine Wounding & Invite the Divine Masculine

Understand masculine and feminine trauma dynamics and show your clients how to clear the imprints of unloving sexuality from the Womb space so they can invite and attract new, Divine Masculine energies and high level relationships


  • Understand masculine and feminine dynamics of sexual wounding and trauma and how these manifest in the Womb. Understand the spectrum of sexual trauma through physical, emotional to subtle.

  • Connect the physical, emotional and relationship patterns that manifest from wounded masculine imprints


  • Quantum healing - clear imprints of sexual and emotional wounding from past experiences and relationships with the distorted masculine & through the father line

  • Reset and restore the energetic matrix of the Womb to receive safe, loving masculine sexual energy

  • Call in the universal energy of the Divine Masculine & safe, grounded mature "King" archetypal energy to manifest and integrate into the Womb

  • Help your clients release their inner victim and reset their relationships patterns through the inner "magnetism" of their Womb and attract high level, supportive and safe relationships.

  • Full theory & background trainings, Core Practice Manual and Facilitation Scripts plus complete guide for successful client sessions

Level 3
(6 months)

Empower your clients on the ultimate feminine spiritual path for finding inner truth, wisdom, guidance, healing and aligned manifestation with  feminine shamanic journeying work.


Facilitate shamanic journeys into the Black Light of the Womb (feminine source light) for the purposes of physical, psychological, emotional and energetic healing.


Undertake divination journeys to find the energetic root causes of your clients' issues and craft bespoke healing journeys for full feminine transformation.


 Pre-requisite: Levels 1 & 2, or previous experience in shamanic work

Your Level 3 Curriculum

Level 3 Month 1 - Initiation into the Black Light or Feminine Source in the Womb

Initiate your clients into the ancient art of Black Light journeying into the ultimate grounded wisdom of their Feminine Source Self or Inner Wise Woman

  • Learn to facilitate embodied shamanic journeys into the Womb for the purposes of healing and inner wisdom connection


  • Discern between direct knowledge through shamanic journeying and other intuitive arts

  • Facilitate your clients to journey safely into the Black Light space to experience physical, psychological, emotional and energetic clearings 

  • Introduce your client to their Feminine Source Self (Inner Wise Woman) as a sovereign and embodied haven of wisdom and inner guidance

  • Employ the best technology tools to create profound shamanic immersion experiences for your clients in in-person and online session

  • Full training videos, shamanic journeying and theta brainwave audio tracks, Core Practice manuals and facilitation script for successful client sessions

  • Self paced 5 week Shamanic Journeying course - initiate yourself into the art of journeying with the shamanic drum for guidance and healing in the Lower World, your Power Animals, the Black Light and your Inner Wise Woman.

Unparalleled Support as you Learn

Image by Masako Ishida maco-nonch★R

"You can only show up in integrity as a facilitator by transforming the wounds in your own Womb and integrating this healing into your life. Womb healing is at times a challenging and painful journey - and in order to heal to your depths you need to feel safe. The most direct source of safety is a relationship or community that provides authenticity, unconditional regard, support and non-judgemental listening. 

However, I talk to so many women who have experienced a lack of safe community and felt lonely navigating their Womb healing journey - even in professional trainings - and here are just some reasons they share: 

- they hold the "sister wound" - the lack or loss of trust in other women - in their personal lives, professional circles and even spiritual communities

- they feel excluded and invalidated by "glamorised" teachers and "false light" feminine spiritual paths that mask or deny the shadow, pain and chaos that can arise with real healing

- they are left hanging with "play on demand" certifications that promise quick, easy "mastery" but offer zero support or community when their Womb's Pandora's Box opens

That's why I'm committed to providing not only confidential support but also safe sharing space in our live classes so you can heal to your depths with the power of community around you."


Your Monthly Learning & Support

Image by Masako Ishida maco-nonch★R

Healing Circle

(2 hours)

Experience Womb practices transmitted & shared live by Diana & guest teachers

Coaching / Q&A

(2 hours)

Get intuitive & depth support for your healing and professional journey w. Diana 

Facilitation Practice 1-1

Practice your facilitation skills with observed 1-1 pair work. Get personalised feedback.

Support Group

5 days / week

Get on-going coaching and support from Diana in our confidential sharing group 

Lifelong Access to Training Materials

Image by Masako Ishida maco-nonch★R

Core Practice Manuals

Complete guide to teaching and facilitating each Womb healing practice

Facilitation Scripts

Confidently facilitate complex energy practice with our   tried and tested scripts

Client Session Guides

 Craft expert facilitation sessions to ensure client safety and integration 

Theory & Background 

Receive decades of experience & knowledge with accessible concepts

Practitioner Experiences

Womb Practitioner Training


"Womb Practitioner training has been amazing for both my personal and professional evolution. It has brought my intuitive skills to a whole new level and helped me to serve women in a new way that is deeper and more effective.


My clients are experiencing great transformation. I highly recommend Diana's training if you want to deepen your professional work with feminine energy & empowerment." 


—  Elisa

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Instant Access
Start your transformation and learning during your pre-training period:


8 Week Womb Healing Self-Paced Course

Boundaries in Facilitation Masterclass

Your Sacred Presence Facilitation Guide

The Womb Awakening Journey Masterclass

Theoretical Background to Womb Awakening


"I earned back the value of my course investment before the training ended thanks to Diana's incredible business development support" Julie-Maria
Womb Practitioner Training

Level 1 
Womb Awakening Facilitator
4 months / 60 hours

€1,200 (save 10%)

or €333 x 4 months

or €222 x 6 months


  • L1 Womb Awakening Facilitator



  • Live Womb healing & transmission

  • Q&A plus intuitive coaching

  • Full live session replays

  • Observed 1-1 facilitation feedback

  • On-going community support 


  • Online Womb Healing Course

  • Full theory and background materials 

  • Core Practice manuals

  • Step by step facilitation scripts

  • Client session structure guides

  • 1-1 facilitation mastery training


  • Access to student insurance

  • IICT approved certification

Womb Practitioner Training

Levels 1 & 2
Womb Healing Practitioner
12 months / 180 hours

 € 3,600 (save 10%)

or €333 x 12 months

or €222 x 18 months

  • L1 Womb Awakening Facilitator

  • L2 Womb Healing Practitioner

Includes everything in Level 1 plus:


  • Live Womb healing & transmission

  • Q&A plus intuitive coaching

  • Full session replays

  • Observed 1-1 facilitation feedback

  • On-going community support


  • Group facilitation mastery training

  • Women's Circle facilitation guide

  • Womb Healing online marketing templates & webinar scripts


  • Access to practitioner insurance

  • IICT approved certification

Image by Biel Morro

Levels 1, 2 & 3
Shamanic Womb Practitioner
18 months / 270 hours

 € 5,400 (save 10%)

or €333 x 18 months

  • L1 Womb Awakening Facilitator

  • L2 Womb Healing Practitioner

  • L3 Shamanic Womb Practitioner

Includes everything in Levels 1&2 plus:


  • Live Womb healing & transmission

  • Live shamanic journeying classes

  • Shamanic journeying practice workshops

  • On-going community support


  • Online Shamanic Journeying Course

  • Digital shamanic journeying resource audio library


  • Access to practitioner insurance

  • IICT approved certification


Thanks for your enquiry. My team will be in touch shortly. Please whitelist


When does the next training start? 
We begin on Wednesday 30th October 2024, with our first welcome and orientation call!

When are the live calls?

We have 3 live calls a month - always on Wednesdays at 5.30-7.30pm CET (Madrid). That means calls start at 11.30 am ET (New York), 8.30am PT (Los Angeles) and 4.30pm GMT (London).


What if I can’t make all the live calls? 

Don’t worry! You only have one compulsory attendance call per month, where you will be doing a live facilitation exchange with your fellow students. You can also do this 1-1 facilitation outside the call time if you can't attend - we will support you to organise your 1-1 facilitation calls with other students if necessary. Although we'd ideally like you to attend all live calls, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way.

ALL OUR LIVE CALLS ARE RECORDED and you can access the replay the next day.

What is the estimated weekly time commitment for the work? 

You are expected to dedicate around 3.5 - 4 hours per week for this training. This will be a blend of: 

  • attending live calls

  • participating in 1-1 facilitation practice calls

  • doing your own personal womb healing practice

  • reading your course materials and recommend books

  • watching pre-recorded video classes

  • completing your monthly self assessment report

How is the training structured?

Level 1 (4 months) is the Foundation for all womb healing work.  Your will learn the fundamentals of good facilitation, as well as the key practices that allow your clients to connect physically and intuitively to their Wombs, and start the process of healing through intention. 

Level 2 (8 months) teaches you the specifics of Womb Healing. You will learn about how to heal many aspects of Womb trauma, through sexual wounding, birth and related trauma, shamanic soul loss and ancestral line trauma. You will also learn how to heal the energetic and emotional boundaries of the Womb which is crucial to healthy relationships. 


Level 3 (6 months) teaches you the art of shamanic journeying into the Womb. Once the Womb has been cleared and healed, you can explore the dynamic feminine space of the Black Light within the Womb as a place for shamanic divination, healing, and manifestation. This is the deepest initiatory level of Womb work for advanced students. 


Can I join Level 1 now and then have a "break" before joining Level 2 and 3?

Yes. You can either go "straight through" the training or decide to hop back in at a future date.

How often do you launch a new Level 1?

We generally launch twice a year in June and November. 

Can I get professional insurance to offer this work?

You will be able to get Professional Public Liability insurance both as a student and practitioner through so that you are fully covered as you train. In the event that the IICT does not cover your country or region, we will support you to find local providers. 


Do I already need to have done Womb Awakening work at a personal level before embarking on the practitioner training? 

You don’t have to have done Womb work before. You will be gifted my online 8 week Womb Healing course as you begin your training so that you can get started straight away with your own personal healing journey. Plus support for your personal healing journey is built in to the structure of the Practitioner training at all times.

Do I get access to on-going support during the training?

Yes! You'll be invited to join our exclusive chat group where you can get support from our teaching time 5 days per week plus interact with your fellow students as you evolve, learn and heal


Is this a certified training? 

Yes. Sacred Womb Awakening has been registered as an official modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and as a Platinum Provider I am committed to providing the highest standards of training and coaching to you. 


How can I combine this with my pre-existing holistic work? 

You can bring Womb Awakening energy techniques into coaching, psychotherapy sessions or combine it with other energy healing modalities. Womb Awakening also combines very well with chiropractic, bodywork, fertility coaching, pleasure and tantra work, yoga, trauma release work, energy healing and many more modalities. Many previous and current students have successfully incorporated Womb Awakening into their existing practice.

Can I earn before I am qualified? 

The short answer is YES! 
If you are an established and experienced practitioner, you may find it natural to add the Womb Awakening approaches and practices to your work as you learn, and thereby earn as you train. Some practitioners start offering Womb work in “real time” as they are learning the work.


Are there any alternative payment plans?

We can discuss an alternative payment plan that will meet your needs, but please be aware that you will be required to pay your investment within the time of the training course.


Do you offer scholarships or discounts? 

Please do reach out if you are already offering transformational work and are highly committed to sharing Womb healing in the world, but you live in a global region where the cost of this training is out of reach. Please note that scholarships are prioritised for women living and working in world regions that are MEDIUM / LOW on the global cost of living index, so if you live in Western Europe, North America or Australia / New Zealand you are unlikely to qualify.

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