November 1, 2017

It´s important to do the “relationship math” and figure out whether your intimate connections are essentially taking more of your vital force than they are giving. Are you gaining love and inspiration, or are your relationships siphoning off your core personal power?

May 28, 2017

When we operate with an incomplete or partial access to our true power - and we struggle through life as though we were electronic device that is trying to be fully functioning but with only half of its battery power available. This shows up differently in each of us. See if you recognise yourself in any of the signs listed within to see if there are signs in your life that you need to heal and ac...

March 1, 2017

Can you hold a space of self-love for yourself and discover the most paradoxical thing of all? That when you surrender in self-love to what you actually are, even the deepest layers of shadow and pain and most insurmountable and seemingly un-fixable things about you will begin to shift and heal.