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4 Signs You Need to Activate Your Womb Energy

Your Womb energy is the deep and foundational feminine centre where you experience your physical grounding, intuition, sacred boundaries and deep pleasure.

Womb energy is vitally important and all women can tap into this energy whether or not they have had children, whether they are fertile or post menopausal, and even if they have had their wombs partially or wholly removed. For the rest of this article I will refer to womb energy centre as the Womb (with a capital W) as opposed to the womb (organ). Many of us have never consciously connected with, or activated the Womb, which the foundational centre of consciousness within us. Even more fundamental than the Heart, the Womb brings us our sense of grounded power and presence in our physical lives. Being disconnected from the Womb means we operate with an incomplete or partial access to our true power - and we struggle through life as though we were electronic device that is trying to be fully functioning but with only half of its battery power available. This shows up differently in each of us.

See if you recognise yourself in any of the signs listed below to see if there are signs in your life that you need to heal and activate your womb. 1. I KEEP ATTRACTING THE SAME KIND OF “WRONG” RELATIONSHIPS Your Womb is key to magnetically attracting intimate relationships into your life. The feminine energy of your Womb acts like a lock that has a very specific shape and is set to attracting a particular kind of shaped key. If your womb energy is balanced, healthy, clear and open, you will automatically attract partners who have a healthy, loving and balanced masculine sexual energy. However, many of us unconsciously hold distortions in our Womb. Perhaps we are holding old fears and patterns that have come from our parents, or from early negative sexual experiences. So our Wombs get stuck in a particular configuration or shape that repeatedly attracts the same kind of masculine energy to us on a very deep unconscious level that is very hard to shift. For example, Anna had a history of abuse and kept attracting abusive men over and over again. She actually learned to avoid physical abusers, however men who still had more subtle abusive traits kept showing up. She was very self aware and knew at an intellectual level that she wanted something different, but something deep inside her seemed to attract the same kind of man regardless in a way she felt helpless to change. In order to heal this patterns it is necessary to work energetically to release the old programming and emotions of abuse, or other dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours that you have experienced, from the physical and energetic matrix of your womb. This literally cleans and reprograms the Womb so that she can begin to attract a new kind of masculine energy towards her in a graceful and effortless way. 2. I DON´T ENJOY SEX AND INTIMACY AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE Your womb energy is the key foundational energy that keeps you grounded in your physical body and connected to your body-based feelings, and your vital sexual power. When you have a direct line into your womb energy you are able to really connect to the feelings in your body, listen to your body and enjoy your body´s feminine sensual energies to the full. However, many of us are completely disconnected from our deeper physical energies simply because we have never placed attention there. From a young age we have been conditioned to be in the mind, to be rational and logical, to be clever and intellectual. Our education system and office work require us to function at a high level intellectually, and our increasing use of computers and mobile devices compound the consciousness imbalance that means our attention and vital force is drawn away from our fundamental Womb energy. For example, Kathy was a highly successful legal manager in a corporation. She had a string of legal qualifications and led a large team of male colleagues. She was tough, competitive, ambitious and highly intelligent. She had inflammation in her pelvic area which meant she didn´t enjoy sex and her libido was very low. She had no energy available for her emotions or her sexuality - so her life, which was professionally very successful, actually felt empty and lonely once she left the office. In order to heal this imbalance it is necessary to physically and consciously connect with your Womb and to activate her healing and grounding feminine energy. When you do this, your primary attention shifts from your thinking mind down into your body. Once you bring attention to the Womb and invite healing energy, vital energy shine out. As they say, energy follows thought, and the more your consciousness supports your Womb to shine and radiate sexual energy, the more sexually magnetic you become and the more you are aware of and enjoy your sexual energy.

3. I MAKE LIFE DECISIONS FROM MY HEAD, AND IGNORE MY DEEPER FEELINGS Our Womb is our deepest centre of true knowing. Womb knowledge is even deeper than our gut feelings and is even more accurate. Our gut feelings can be highly influenced by fear and other emotions. But if we can reach the depth of our womb, we operate from a place of knowing that allows us to navigate everything from the big questions such as “what is my soul purpose?” to “what kinds of food does my body want right now?”. However, we have been conditioned to learn, operate and make decisions from our logical minds. We often don´t trust our deeper intuition and when our decisions come from a mental space this can lead to an unfulfilling life based in fear and lack rather than trust and expanded possibility. For example, Gillian worked in an accounting firm. From a young age she´d been encouraged to take a career path that would offer her financial stability. Being good at maths, her teachers encouraged her to use her talents for accounting and business. She lived in a large industrial town where the accountancy firm was based. But Gillian had also been really good at languages and she yearned improve her French, which she felt a deep connection with. She´d even dreamed as a child of living in a village in France but had no idea why. When she started working with her Womb and listening to the deep messages from within her these dreams returned very vividly. She finally booked a holiday to France following her intuition to a particular region and town. After a few days she spotted a house …her Womb intuition told her to make an offer although she had no idea HOW this world work…well to cut a long story short, her firm offered her a long distance work package and within a few months she had met her long term partner, French, and settled! The new intuition is follow your Womb! You´ve been told follow your heart and listen to your gut feelings but listening to the womb brings you into intuition from a far deeper place within your body. The intuition that you can access when you contact your Womb, going deeper even than your gut feelings, is extremely pure and helps you to really stay on track with the truth of your soul and your most aligned destiny. 4. I CAN¨T GET MY IDEAS OFF THE GROUND OR MAKE MY DREAMS MANIFEST Our womb are instruments of birthing in a very real way, with our ability to gestate and deliver children being the obvious example. But our Womb energy needs to be at full power if we are to birth new projects in aligned way. Creating tangible creative offerings in business or other spheres and receiving abundance and rewards for this becomes much easier when we heal and activate our Womb. For example, Maria was a very talented, multi lingual creative who had trained in literally tens of healing modalities and an addition was very good at visual creativity. Maria was very dreamy and imaginative and had a million ideas. However, it was a huge struggle for her to stay focused enough to birth just one project into completion. Once she engaged with Womb work her energy began to ground. She realised that her spaciness was actually down to a fear of being fully in her body due to childhood traumas. As she cleared these traumas and settled deep into Womb, she began to get far stiller and listened to her deep intuition which was far clearer than her flighty imagination.

She realised that she wanted synthesise her gifts into a retreat offering where she could take her participants on a journey through different healing modalities. From a very calm and clear space she began working on the ideas and concepts and attracted the right funding partners, venues and eventually clients. Her retreats now attract scores of clients a year. Womb power makes you clear, focused and grounded with regards to your vocation and creative projects. The simple, clear voice of truth takes over from mind chatter. You come to the core of who you are and what you are here to create. You open to trusting that you will receive what you need. Awakening the Womb is the new feminine revolution. It´s time for us to harness the multifaceted gifts offered to us by this deep core feminine energy and embrace the joy and fulfilment that comes from being full in our bodies, fully on the path of our destiny, and fully empowered to create the changes that we, the Earth and our children so need.

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