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Group Facilitator Training

3-6 June 2022
Ibiza, Spain

Are you yearning to make a bigger impact 

with your transformational work?


You have an amazing body of work you’d like to share with more people

You want to offer more than 1-1 work and reach bigger groups

You are ready to upscale your business and get free from the "time for money" trap

Join me on this training if you wish to learn to...

Confidently and effectively hold space for healing retreats and group courses

Successfully support your groups through the deepest transformation processes


….Even when you have never held groups before

There are many circle holder trainings out there

But this one is completely different

This is not your standard women's circle training. It's a course where you learn how to safely and effectively hold space for powerful group healing processes - whatever modality you teach or hold, be it breath-work, tantra, Womb work, yoga, medicine ceremonies or meditation retreats.

Here's how we'll roll:

Space Clearing & Preparation

When you consciously co-create with the Earth and your teaching space, you exponentially multiply the power of your work - and keep your participants safe from energetic interference when especially when trauma or shadow comes up.

You'll learn foundational energetic and shamanic tools to…

Create a safe, held and energetically integrated teaching space

Heal imbalances and disturbances on the land and in the building where you work  

Set up the space so that healing already happens when your clients enter it 

Open and hold shamanic space for ancestral and collective ceremonies and processes

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Safe Circle & Group Dynamics

Groups are powerful containers for deep personal work. You can harness the power of positive group dynamics and support to deepen the healing process you are facilitating - we are above all creatures who thrive through connection!

I'll teach you how to...

Show up as a circle facilitator in a way that automatically inspire trust and authenticity in your clients

Dissolve the fear of other women (the sister wound) so your clients feel safe and trusting with you and each other

Nurture safe sharing that’s authentic, empowering and intimate for everyone using principles of non-violent communication


Power & Responsibility in Groups

A group learning and healing experience is a great place for your clients to harness their own personal power and take the reins of their own healing. 

I will cover how you can....

Establish clear boundaries for your clients - pre-empt and avoid unconscious dynamics that could be triggered between group participants

Help your clients feel self empowered and self responsible with the healing process you are guiding - even if trauma or shadow emotions arise

Shamanic and Womb Healing

Use shamanic healing tools, including the shamanic drum and rattles to deepen the effect of your guided meditations, clearings and healing processes


Womb Awareness and Womb practices to stay grounded and calm as a facilitator - and help your clients feel safe, empowered and embodied through their process with you.

Co-lead movement, voice work and shamanic ceremonies as part of your training!


When is the Sacred Circle and Group Facilitator Training?


Monday 3rd- Friday 6th June 2022

10.00-15.00 CET (Madrid time) each day. If you are coming in-person, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature of Ibiza each afternoon!

Where is it held?

In the East of the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain in a sacred yurt in nature near to local beaches and towns.

Does this in-person include accommodation? 

This is not a residential course. There is plenty of affordable accommodation nearby within a 5 minute drive of the training centre. 

Is food provided?

No, so please bring a light lunch for a quick lunch time break. We do provide tea and water, chocolate and nuts!

Any more questions? 

Email here to get more details and ask any questions you have about the course!

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