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Stirring the Womb Cauldron

Transforming the Dark
& Activating the Light of the Womb

The Dark Cauldron is the Womb’s unfathomed shadow side - her pain, unresolved emotions, emotional entanglement patterns, trauma memories, ancestral lineage wounds, and more. 


Stirring the Dark Cauldron is the greatest Heroine’s journey you can undertake. It involves a fearless descent into the depths of your Womb where your unacknowledged pain lies. 


Drawing this pain to the surface to be transformed can be challenging, but there is a rich reward for your deep dive. It  is to discover the gifts of the Luminous Cauldron. 


The Luminous Cauldron is the Womb’s healed self - her power, love, sensuality, creativity and connectedness that arises when she has transformed her shadow. 


Are you experiencing the pain of the Dark Cauldron?


There is a cost involved in not stirring the Dark Cauldron in your life. It can manifest as: 


  • Physical pain and even illness in your Womb

  • Long standing sadness, grief, anger or depression

  • Difficulty letting go of old relationships and forming new loving, close relationships

  • Holding on to old events that were wounding and traumatic for you

  • Repeated patterns around your relationships and life experience that feel stuck

Perhaps you have been “coping” with the Dark Cauldron by….


  • Pushing down or denying your painful emotions

  • Judging your own feelings - saying to yourself  “I should be fine”

  • Creating a “perfect” image of yourself that that is impossible to maintain


All of these coping mechanisms are exhausting - and the time comes when you realise that it’s easier to simply accept how you truly are, and to work with what you hold within. 


Are you ready to activate the Luminous Cauldron?

Now it’s time to let go - to surrender to what lies within the Dark Cauldron to the graceful fire of transformation so that you can enjoy the gifts you have been longing for: 


  • A release from past situations and traumas

  • New, loving & sacred relationships - to yourself and to others

  • Greater self-awareness and clarity in your emotional life

  • More pleasure and sexual power in the Womb

  • Renewed creativity and abundance in your life


Join me in the Womb Cauldron


Join me and an intimate group of 8 women for 18 weeks for an intimate group coaching journey. 

Weeks 1-9 

 The Dark Cauldron


The first 9 weeks create a safe container for you to dive deep into what your Womb holds, to gently tend her wounds, and to allow her to express them safely and manageably


It’s a place to lovingly connect with yourself and what needs healing within your Womb 


We will do very gentle, but effective emotional & energetic healing practices


We will allow a feminine flow to the work, so that it meets your rhythms, your needs and the layers that unfold


We will create a space for incredibly safe sharing where you can be truly met, heard, loved and accepted, whatever you wish to share





Weeks 10-18 

 The Luminous Cauldron 


The second 9 weeks are a fabulous and playful opportunity for you to explore the joy, power, and pleasure of the Womb

We will discover the Womb’s true purpose as a container for pleasure and power 


We will embody the Womb as a place of power, sensuality, your safety and connection

We will learn to receive safely into the Womb - including high level sexual and love energy


We will  activate harmonious archetypal and energetic signatures within the Womb such as the Queen or Mature, Wise Woman

Group Alchemy

10 x Women’s Cauldron Circles with Diana over 18 weeks


Daily Practice

Audio energy practices for daily use between each Circle meeting


Being Seen & Supported

1-1 personalised coaching from me within the group container


Constant Connection 

Group sharing and support 24/7 over the 18 weeks on our sharing platform

For an intimate group of just 8 women over 18 weeks


My 8-week online Womb Healing & Awakening Course (worth €222) 


€888 Single Pay  or 4 Monthly Payments of €244.


When is the Cauldron?


18 weeks running mid June to end of October 2021


How many women are in the group?


A maximum of 8 women in the group so that each of you gets individualised attention!


How much?


The investment in this container is  €888 single pay or €244 per month for 4 months. 


What are the container days / times? 

We will set up a regular week & time for our meetings once the group has gathered together to take into account time zones, professional and family commitments etc. Our live meetings will be every two weeks.

Is this in-person or online?


The answer is BOTH! If you are in Ibiza, you can organise to attend the calls in-person with other women on the island. If you are outside Ibiza you can join online by Zoom. If you want to do this program with a friend local to you, invite her in and meet up for your Circle meetings! We we organise that women who are physically present can share during the call with each other.


What experience do I need?


Womb Cauldron Work requires you to have a high level of commitment to your own healing as well as a high level of self responsibility when it comes to dealing with our emotions. It is ideal that you have already done some personal development work already. 


I am a holistic practitioner - can I benefit?


Yes! This is a personal container but you will learn invaluable transformational tools that you may be inspired to bring into your profession work - or that simply help you evolve in your personal life to the next level. 


Will this be a confidential group? 


Yes. This is a confidential container led by me, Diana Beaulieu, and a group of maximum 8 women. We have a strict confidentiality agreement and our call recordings will only be shared in the group itself. 

Any more questions? 

Email to get more details!

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