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January 01, 2020

The Womb is the cradle of life for all of human existence. We need to work to restore the Womb to be the temple of safety and love she should be in order to truly birth a new conscious generation.

4 Signs you need to Activate your Womb Energy

January 01, 2020

Being disconnected from the Womb means we operate with an incomplete or partial access to our true power - and we struggle through life as though we were electronic device that is trying to be fully functioning but with only half of its battery power available. This shows up differently in each of us.

Connect to your Sacred Womb

January 01, 2020

In ancient times, when women´s spiritual practices were widely permitted, the womb was also considered a sacred spiritual centre, a source of intuition, emotional well-being and physical vitality.The Womb carries immense power and yet for many of us it’s a wounded or forgotten place that don’t habitually connect to.

Healing the Womb: The Body’s Energetic Power Centre

January 03, 2023

For those of us who have been lucky enough to awaken our intuition and move into our Hearts, the Womb represents the next vital step back to ourselves: the return to fully inhabiting our bodies and our feeling of deep emotional security and groundedness in our everyday lives.

Discovering the Black Light or Divine Feminine Frequency

February 23, 2023

Black Light is one of the most important light frequencies present in the Womb. It represents one of their most closely guarded, suppressed and forgotten spiritual mysteries and is coming back to our awareness now as an incredible tool for spiritual cleansing, alignment and creative power.

January 01, 2020

The Medicine Woman is one of the most forgotten and suppressed female archetypes in human history. She is the wise woman, the visionary or the seer, the oracle, the shaman, the priestess, the nature witch among many other possible manifestations. Do you hold Medicine Woman powers? Find out here.

January 01, 2020

All forms of power can be used for good and ill, or better put, in service of love or in service of fear.  As we reawaken, one of the greatest challenges we face is to resolve our relationship to our own power so that we can hold and use it safely. This requires us to walk the Medicine Wheel of power.

January 01, 2020

Becoming more intuitive, or rather remembering our intuitive nature, allows us to live more deeply from our inner truth, connect to our hearts and wombs, and helps us to see ourselves and others as sacred souls from an elevated, wise and compassionate gaze.

6 Signs of the Distorted Feminine & 5 Ways to Restore Your Natural Woman

May 28, 2023

We need to recognise that our feminine energy has a wounded or shadow side that must be acknowledged and brought into the light if we are to navigate our personal evolution with discernment. I call this shadow aspect the distorted feminine. Transforming the distorted feminine restores our natural power.

January 01, 2020

When your relationships are out of balance, they drain your vital energy. Do the “relationship math” and figure out whether your intimate connections are essentially taking more of your vital force than they are giving. Are you gaining love and inspiration, or are your relationships siphoning off your core personal power?

January 01, 2020

Inside of you there is a pure vision just waiting to be birthed...And outside of you a sacred web of love, relationships and miracles ready to gift you everything you need. Use these five sacred feminine principles to experience the inspired change you need.

January 01, 2020

Despite appearing to benefit men, patriarchy has benefited only a very few men in vastly unequal positions of leadership and power, generally men representing a deeply distorted version of masculinity that bases its power in ruthlessness, greed and violence. For most it has been deeply traumatic. Find out more.

January 01, 2020

Simply put, it seems that our world is at least in part, run by little boys in men’s bodies. And some of these boys have access to dangerous toys which include nuclear weapons, the monetary system and the mainstream media. It's time for us to insist that men in power step into mature masculinity.

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