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Medicine Woman Challenge: Being Intuitive

As Modern Medicine Women, many of us are waking up to highly developed intuitive capacities. Those capacities may show up in different ways: perhaps we discover energy healing gifts, or the ability to channel or communicate with spiritual beings. Maybe we become deeply psychic or empathetic in a way that permits us to help others deal with their own issues in a powerful and direct way.

The awakening of our latent intuitive abilities can be exhilarating, empowering and life-affirming for those of us modern medicine women who feel a deep soul call to work with intuition as a way of serving others to heal our world. We are literally remembering and reintegrating ancient healing capacities that we have developed over lifetimes and are now coming back into our consciousness.

Becoming more intuitive, or rather remembering our intuitive nature, allows us to live more deeply from our inner truth, connect to our hearts and wombs, and helps us to see ourselves and others as sacred souls from an elevated, wise and compassionate gaze.

However, the path to being an intuitive modern medicine woman is not always easy and there are some key challenges for us to overcome.

Navigating a “working model of reality”

Walking the path of the Modern Medicine Woman requires us to gaze unflinchingly at how our worldview is being constantly transformed as our intuition opens us to deeper and deeper layers of reality. As our intuition develops, we begin to perceive ourselves, others, and life in general in a vastly expanded way that can sometimes be confusing to navigate. It’s natural for us to go through a period where we feel like we don’t have a reference point for reality and are simply treading water.

We stop treading water when we view ourselves as adventurers and as it were, “piratesses” on the high seas of an uncharted cosmic reality that no single institution, religion or worldview has the authority to define, and where each person is free to develop their unique “take” on life.

This requires us to stay open and humble. As our feminine minds, hearts and wombs open and expand their awareness, we need to stay nimble-footed and humbly acknowledge that our view of life, energy, love and reality is a “working model” that will serve us until we outgrow it. This allows us to rest and release the burden of having to know it all. Our intuition will give us what we need in any given moment and as this expands, so does our awareness of the miraculous universe in which we live and the glorious soulful nature of each of us.

Finding the place and purpose for our intuition

For many modern medicine women, one of life’s greatest challenges is to find purpose and validity for our gifts. How can we bring magic, intuition and a knowledge of other worlds into the mainstream? We have few role models or concepts to show us what a medicine woman is and how she fits into the big picture.

We need to listen deeply to ourselves, become innovative and creative about how we express our intuition in the modern world. We must find new ways in which our medicine woman archetypes such as the priestess and oracle can return to a culture that had long forgotten us, whether as energy healers, writers, coaches channels, artists or educators.

Accepting the validity of our intuition

As modern medicine women, we have a beautiful, privileged view of life through the lens of energy awareness, soul reality and intuitive perception. However, not everyone will appreciate our gifts, and we may have to navigate the confusion and pain of being rejected, misunderstood and judged by those we most love.

We may be just too truthful, expanded and challenging for those who are rooted in narrow religious or materialistic worldviews, or who hold patterns of emotional denial and suppression. The world of spiritual and emotional healing, as natural as it seems to us, may feel dangerous and “bad” for those who don’t see it as we do. We may have to gracefully accept that not everyone can accept or recognise our gifts. We ultimately need to step away from our past and find support and recognition through new like-minded friends, colleagues and clients.

Maintaining clear boundaries and creating sacred space

Many of us who experience life through deep emotional sensitivity and attuned psychic awareness find it very difficult to maintain our boundaries and quickly experience overwhelm and an accumulation of other peoples’ psycho-energetic gunk, particularly in crowded spaces.

We need to develop firm boundaries between self and other and learn not to “take on” the energetic loads that others carry. Often when we tune in with the individual and collective pain of the world “out there” it can feel overwhelming. We need to create a sacred space for ourselves where we can distinguish our essence from all these external frequencies, and responsibly heal and transform whatever pain resides within us.

Staying grounded

In these changing time, the veil between spirit and matter is constantly thinning and more and more of us are attuning to the subtle energies of spirit. However, within this consciousness-expanding process there is danger that we forget that we are bodies as well as souls and we need to ground deeply through our bodies in order to experience full vitality and well-being.

It is crucial for us to balance intuitive or subtle awareness with physical exercise and contact with nature, as well as making sure we nourish our bodies with good food and sacred self-care to remind ourselves that the treasures of the earthly plane are just as valuable as those on the spiritual plane.

I wish you well on your Medicine Woman Journey. Aho!

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