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Healing the Womb: The Body’s Energetic Power Centre

Healing the Womb is a vital process that will reconnect us to our sacred sexuality and creative potential. In this article I define the Womb as an energetic space, and give some guidance on how to heal her.

From Mind to Heart

As we awaken individually and collectively, we have begun the task of consciously reconnecting to two vital energy centres that are allowing us to shift out of the dualistic mind into our intuition and capacity for love.

These are the pineal gland and the Heart. As we embrace certain spiritual practices including certain forms of meditation, yoga and shamanic medicine work we are supporting ourselves to open and heal these two centres.

This shift into our intuitive, Heart-centred consciousness is allowing us to access multidimensional realities, forge unconditional love for ourselves and each other, and reawaken our deep connection to the unified field of consciousness that is our universe. This is already a giant leap for humanity.

Introducing the Womb

However, for some of us there is an important puzzle piece missing in the story of our awakening journey. This puzzle piece is a deeper centre of power within us that I call the Womb. In women whose womb organ is present, the Womb is a centre of energy and consciousness that includes the vibrational aspect of the sexual organs and physical womb. All of us have an energetic centre of consciousness that we can call the Womb. This includes women who no longer have a physical womb. In men the Womb is also knows as the Hara (a Japanese energy term).

For the purposes of clarity in this article I will refer to “Womb” to describe this energetic centre of consciousness while any reference to the physical womb organ will be done in lower case: “womb”.

I will also clarify that by talking about the Womb I am not referring to the “sacral chakra” even through physically the Womb and sacral chakra do coincide. My reference to the Womb is as a deep and organic centre of consciousness that operates on multiple physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.

The Womb is vital to grounding, safety and embodiment

The Womb, as a centre of consciousness, represents our foundation of personal power during the period of our physical incarnation. The vibrational frequency of the Womb is relatively dense and sits very close to the frequency of our physical bodies. When the Womb is energetically healthy and strong, this reflects in us directly through our physical health and particularly the health of our sexual organs and the deep emotional structures of the pelvis including the Psoas (known as the muscle of the soul).

Clear and healthy Womb energy contributes to a deep sense of grounding and belonging within our physical bodies. For those of us who have been lucky enough to awaken our intuition and move into our Hearts, the Womb represents the next vital step back to ourselves: the return to fully inhabiting our bodies and our feeling of deep emotional security and groundedness in our everyday lives. The healed and compete Womb holds our divinely balanced sexual energies which are also the fountain of our creativity and inspiration.

To sum up briefly, let’s say that if the pineal gland and Heart are here to open us to the truth of the multidimensional universe and connect to it through love, then the Womb is the key to our ability to experience deeper levels of personal wellbeing in our bodies and everyday human lives, and gracefully translate our spiritual truth into the grounded and real actions that will restore humanity and the Earth to their highest potential.

Healing Individual and Collective Womb Trauma

However, the problem is that many of us are disconnected from this foundation centre of power. The reasons for this are manifold, but one of the most fundamental reason is that the Womb has sustained multiple levels of wounding at the individual, historical and collective levels. This wounding has led to us holding embedded trauma in our Womb energy- and at a psychological level the very definition of trauma is that it’s an event that takes us beyond our ability to cope.

In our individual lifetimes many of us have sustained Womb trauma including:

  • Sexual violence and abuse, or distorted and unloving sexuality

  • Difficult childbirth, abortion, miscarriage and resulting Womb trauma and grief

  • Slavery (historically feudal peasant slavery and now debt slavery and office slavery) leading to deep survival stress and the fear of not having enough

Our Wombs also hold historically and collectively remembered trauma, due to the fact that each of us sits in our mother’s physical womb for 9 months, during which time we are receiving and imprinting the energy of her Womb trauma, and in turn the trauma of her mother and grandmother.

Healing Ancestral Womb Trama

As this has happened from one generation to another all the way down our ancestral lineage, we are ultimately encoding layers of historical trauma from an incredibly violent period of human history where rape, military rape, sexual torture, war and slavery have been (and in many places still are) commonplace and normalised.

When we go deeper into the Womb we uncover the memory the original trauma of mankind – the memory of being uprooted from our rightful sovereign and abundant relationship to the Earth and each other (see The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era” by Steve Taylor Ph.D for a fuller historical description of this trauma). The Womb remembers this and this memory is encoded in our bodies at a cellular level.

The way that we manifest our Womb trauma can include:

  • Unhealthy or abusive sexual relationships, and low sexual or physical drive and self-esteem

  • Being overly mind or intellect driven or “spaced out” and ungrounded

  • Physical illness in the Womb area including (in women) fibroids, endometriosis and (in men) prostate cancer

How We Avoid our Womb Trauma

The pain in the Womb can be so deep that many of us are unconsciously avoiding the pain of the Womb trauma within us. It feels unsafe to arrive in this deep centre of consciousness and power because doing so may open a Pandora´s box of unresolved emotions and energies. We may unconsciously employ all sorts of strategies for “trauma avoidance” which compound our lack of manifestation power and leave us personally and physically ungrounded. These strategies include:

  • Adopting spiritual practices that keep us centred in our “higher” centres of consciousness but disconnected from our physical bodies

  • Absorbing ourselves in information, theories and ideas or being addicted to screens and technology

  • Avoiding dealing with key issues in our lives including our physical health, sexual relationships and wealth

In my practice I have met very few adult humans who are naturally in full conscious contact with their Womb and therefore harnessing their full creative power through a grounded connection to their sexuality, their bodies and the Earth. I have seen Womb trauma play out in manifold ways in both women and men at all ages and from all walks of life.

It’s Time to Heal Our Womb Power

The good news is that there´s never been a better time to heal our past traumas including our Womb trauma. The individual and collective wounds that may have overwhelmed us in this lifetime and are also embedded within us from our ancestral lines are now coming to the surface — not to re-traumatise us — but to be healed. We can harness the power of our Hearts and Higher Selves to bring ourselves the deep love and wisdom that is needed to heal our deepest wounds.

Ultimately the Womb begins to heal when we hold a clear intention to heal the traumas she holds at the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. We need to firmly commit to arriving in this deep part of ourselves however uncomfortable that journey may be. It will require us to acknowledge the ancient pain, distortion and disconnection that we have suffered for millennia upon this planet.

However, when we dive into ourselves and complete healing Womb trauma at the subtle and cellular levels the rewards are vast and in fact endless. We are gifted with a vital sense of embodiment and power in our lives. We reprogram ourselves in our sexual and intimate relationships. We begin to harness our true creative gifts. We reconnect to our sense of fundamental security and belonging on Earth.

Healing the stored trauma of the Womb and deepening into this centre of power is the next crucial step towards declaring our human sovereignty as creator beings. Because once we learn to hold our higher vision and our love for life then our next step will be to create the healing and changes where they are most needed – here and now in our every day lives on the physical plane of our beloved planet.


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