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Open your sacred womb to receive!

One of the great principles of feminine manifestation is receiving. Being able to receive enables you to healthily embody the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and giving. If you cannot allow yourself receive, then an important part of your creative cycle is blocked and your attempts to create and give will lead you to burnout and exhaustion on all levels.

What does this have to do with my womb, I hear you ask? I will be writing many forthcoming articles about how we can embody our womb power and wisdom. Our womb space is a crucial aspect of our awakening as sacred women. Many spiritual paths and practices focus on the heart as our most important spiritual centre. However, the womb is also an incredibly powerful energetic space. We are only just rediscovering it!

Our wombs show us the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and giving when we create babies. We receive the divine spark of the man’s sperm to create a new life. We receive food and oxygen into the womb. We transform all of this to create a growing being and eventually give this being into the world.

However our wombs are capable of receiving and creating on so many other levels, be it inspiration, abundance, love or nourishment. And the overall openness of our womb space has an enormous impact on our openness at the level of our minds, emotions and beliefs. Let’s look at why we get blocked and how we can learn to open to receiving in order to create a more joyful, beautiful and abundant life.

First, at the level of our minds and beliefs, many of us hold a deep conditioning that “it is better to give than to receive”. Women, and particularly modern medicine women, often feel that there is a virtue in “giving it all” and paying little attention to receiving. We can feel a confusion between being open to receive and being passive or even lazy, and a mind-set that says “surely in order to receive I should be doing something to deserve it”. We don’t realize that RECEIVING IS A CRUCIAL PART OF THE CREATIVE CYCLE.

By slowing down, opening up and permitting ourselves to receive we are ultimately allowing ourselves to be more creative and more giving. In order to give from the Heart we need to receive into the womb. We can begin by giving to ourselves. Physical self-care and pampering is very nurturing to our womb space. As we practice self-giving others will follow and we can open ourselves to receiving more attention, love, and loving touch from our loved ones. Our vitality, groundedness and self-esteem all benefit.

Second, at the level of our wombs, many of us are closed to receiving because, whether in this lifetime or others, and on collective level, we have been invaded. Our experience of sexual abuse, trauma, suppression and exploitation means that many of us have shut down our capacity to receive through our wombs.

We don’t open this delicious and sensuous centre to receiving because we don’t trust our environment. We are in protection mode. When we shut down sexually, we are also shutting down on an energy level to many forms of receiving. By healing our past womb traumas and opening our womb energy through feminine spiritual practices we can begin to receive on a whole new level and realize that it is safe and joyful to do so. The more we embody trusting openness, the more we attract new relationships and life situations where others really want to give to us through love and respect.

Third, and this is a huge one: we have forgotten the incredibly powerful connection between our wombs and Mother Earth. The true nature of our wombs is to enjoy a beautiful, rich cascading flow of energy and love exchange with our planet. This opens us up to a deep level of trust where we come to realize that what our Mother Earth wants to do above all is to fill our lives with the abundance that is in fact our birth-right as her children. We can let life unfold joyfully without the need for fear and control.

It’s our fear and limitation that is blocking that natural flow of abundance. It is not surprising - we have experienced millennia of “survival fear” as we have spiritually disconnected from Earth and forgotten her sacredness. We have thought that instead of waiting to receive, we have to take from her. When we heal these old and wounded patterns and energetically re-plug into Mother Earth, our opened womb transforms our mind-set and we can trust that we will receive all that we need.

So I encourage you to take your awareness to your beautiful sacred womb space. You can do this very simply in a few moments each day by breathing down into your womb. See your womb as a beautiful pink ball of light that is expanding and getting stronger with each breath. Feel that light filling your hips, your pelvis, and cascading down through your legs into the earth.

When you are more womb-centred you become more aware of your intuition and emotions. You feel more peaceful and grounded. And when you engage in spiritual practices that heal your past “womb-wounds” and open your womb space to receiving, true feminine magic begins to unfold as your creative power grows!

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