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Journeying into the Black Light of the Womb

Watch this masterclass below to experience the mystery of the Black Light of the Womb - a depth experience of the Womb Healing journey. Here I share my insights into the Power of the Black Light, the deepest layer of energetic reality in the Womb.

Journey to the Black Light of the Womb

The Black Light of the Womb is the deepest possible experience of your feminine power and it's where your galactic and greater self can be experienced within the depths of your body.

For anyone with shamanic journeying experience, the value of “crossing the veil” with the drum is that we enter into a spirit world full of expanded vision, possibilities, and wisdom. There is no more profound shamanic journey than into ultimate “cave of power” or the inner space of the Womb. Here you encounter your own multi-dimensional and multi-lifetime wisdom in the same way that you might encounter that of a "spirit guide". In short you learn to source your OWN wisdom as the compass for your life.

As a shamanic practitioner and Womb Awakening teacher, I introduce you to the forgotten history of Womb Black Light journeying. I take you on a guided drum journey into the core of your energy body where you can meet your “inner sacred guide” and experience the embodied wisdom of your own soul, leading you through the decisions and questions of your life.

This work is for men and women. For an optimal experience, please wear headphones and a blindfold for our guided shamanic journeying.

This masterclass was created with Shaman's Directory, is an online global directory for shamanic services created for shamanic earth-based practitioners, original people, and first nation healers. Our mission is to bring the ancient earth-based wisdom and healing practices of shamanism to the forefront of people’s minds when considering their overall health and wellbeing. Many healing modalities have international directories. We believe that it is time for shamanic earth-based medicine to be honored in the same way so that people everywhere can have access to the healing that humanity needs. There is already a sacred web of medicine encircling the earth, and we are dedicated to restoring and illuminating it together.

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