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The “Sin Eaters” and the Feminine Saviour Complex in the Womb

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If you’re wondering how you keep taking in the energy of other people despite your best efforts to set boundaries, this article is for you!

Introducing the Feminine Saviour Complex in the Womb

The Feminine Saviour Complex  is an energetic mechanism, which is also accompanied by different beliefs and agreements that we have with life, that causes us to take in the wounded energy of others into our Womb as though we were a kind of vacuum cleaner or vortex.

We’re going to do dive into an understanding into the energetic dynamics of why we might take energy in from others, how that's happening, the depth to which that might be happening at the level of our souls and what we might do to release it.

Our Womb is one most receptive energy centres in our body. If she’s affected by a Feminine Saviour Complex, she tends to take in all sorts of distorted energies from outside herself, mainly the “undigested”  material of other people, whether it's their unresolved energies, or their emotional pain.

Often when we have the Feminine Saviour Complex, we unconsciously sense other people’s pain in our environment, and we feel compelled to “hoover it up”, and internalise it into ourselves. 

Destructive Effects of the Feminine Saviour Complex

In an ideal world, our bodies and our beings would be so glowing full of light that anything we brought into ourselves would be immediately transmuted into light like a heavy rock being turned into a shooting meteor as it hits the Earth's atmosphere.

Sadly, that's not really the case. What happens is that when we take on dense or  distorted energy from other people into the Womb and at times into the even deeper inner shamanic spaces of the Womb, such as the Black Light space of the Womb, it ends up overwhelming our ability to transform it and it gets lodged into our bodies to start negatively affecting our lives.

I'll give you an example. I spent 10 years living in London and I was unconsciously operating the Feminine Saviour Pattern. Every year I would get more and more tired and more and more unable to be around other people. And now I look back on my situation, I realise that I was daily surrounded by tens of thousands of people in that huge city. Every day I was taking on more and more and more of other peoples’ energy into myself, and it was completely exhausting to me.

Exhaustion is just one of the effects of the Feminine Saviour Pattern. However, you might have other issues that come up: you might become depressed because you're carrying the depression and sadness of other people; you might end up having even physical ailments. 

When we really start going deeper into the Feminine Saviour Complex, we understand that the energy we take on from others becomes matter in the form of physical symptoms. So by taking on the energy of other people, we end up actually starting to somatise that energy on their behalf. 

I have memories of lifetimes where I operated from the Feminine Saviour Complex and I was obese because my body was trying to find a space for others' toxic energy, and often it would relocate into fat cells where it could be sequestered and safe because it was just too toxic to circulate around my system.

To make it simple, our Wombs can operate as a kind of interiorising device, taking an energy from the outside and trying, but often failing to digest it and therefore we end up with other peoples’ energy lodged in our systems. 

The same mechanism can also happen with the Solar Plexus. This is another emotional energy centre where we can take in other people's energies. If energy comes into our Solar Plexus we might end up with digestive issues and unresolved anger (that is not ours), also leading to depression. 

The Institutional Role of the Feminine Saviour & Medicine Woman

If you're starting to recognise something about yourself and some light bulbs are going on for you, I want to take you deeper now on the journey.

The Feminine Saviour Complex mechanism has been deeply ingrained in our society and are many of us who - unbeknownst to us because we haven't remembered it yet -  are actually holding deep soul contracts, memories and unconscious patterns of being the one who takes in the suffering of others. 

I was fascinated to find out that in India there is a concept of the “sin eater”. This is  actually a role where people who were in particular castes of society would be paid to eat the sins of others, and this would sometimes be ritually physicalised as a feast. The “sin eater” would eat the sins of others in the form of food. Essentially they were being rewarded to take on the undigested sins, suffering and “karma” of another person who would pay them to it.

If you've ever had a role like that in another lifetime or in this one, then it's essentially become institutionalised in you. It's become a way in which you operate in the world. I certainly have many memories of this and other lives where I felt this is how I had to operate. My thinking was: “I’m compelled to operate in this way because this is how I help. This is my role.” 

Another example of the Feminine Saviour Complex is biblical story of the scapegoat, where a tribe or a village would keep up all of their sins symbolically onto a goat, and they'd cast it out into the wilderness to die or fend for itself. And that way they'd symbolically offloaded their undigested problems and issues onto one being who would then carry it and take it on.

If you have scapegoat complex or if you have scapegoat contracts, that's also a reason why you might be finding it difficult to stop taking in the energy of other people. It’s become part of your identity and you and others have unconscious contracts for you to be the one who takes on what they cannot bear.

I want to talk about some lifetime memories I have of ancient Sumeria or Babylon. I have very strong string of memories of being within a spiritual cult and being forced and blackmailed into a position where I would be the one who would energetically take on all of the unresolved spiritual and emotional issues of the priesthood of those who were in power so that they could continue to appear to be “good”. 

All of their hidden rage, complexes and sexual perversions (to name a few aspects) would all be energetically piled onto me. I have memories of actually going insane in several lifetimes because I just couldn't deal with the amount of suffering that I was holding on behalf of everyone else.

Self Regulating Societies vs the need for a Saviour

Being the Feminine Saviour, (and in some cases the scapegoat) is actually a way of regulating a society full of people that don't have effective self-regulating mechanisms of their own. 

In an ideal society, everyone would be taking responsibility for their “stuff”:  they'd be internally metabolising, transmuting and digesting their emotions and taking responsibility for their their feelings and their energetic imbalances.

I find that the role of the Feminine Saviour to be very common among Medicine Women, women who have a healing gift and a strong soul desire to heal and help the world. Many of us have a multi-lifetime history of taking on this Feminine Saviour role, therefore this pattern has become deeply ingrained within us. 

This leads to difficulties in the now: whereas we might be doing everything we can to have strong boundaries with those in our lives in our lives, time and time again, we find that we're taking in their pain energy. This has certainly been my experience and has been one of my most challenging patterns to overcome.

How do we heal the Feminine Saviour Complex?

Isn’t it time for a self-responsible society to now emerge? By releasing ourselves from being the Saviour, we actually have a change to create more space for more people to discover their own power and responsibility. 

The Feminine Saviour Complex is a deep and powerful complex to deal with. It's difficult to shift because you may find that the origin points are in many lifetimes over thousands of years.

You need to dig deep and find the places where you have been put into this position or where you've somehow agreed to be in the position where you are literally bound to be the recipient of the toxic, wounded energy of others.

Healing and releasing this pattern is a process that's individual to everyone. However, here are some tips on what to look at within yourself: 

Look out for signs in your life that you've somehow taken on the role, even from an early age to be a Feminine Saviour. Were you very sensitive to the sufferings of others,  perhaps family members or those in your wider world, and did you felt some sort of responsibility, even a guilt around their feelings or life situations? 

Do you tend to gravitate towards people who are in need, and do you perhaps  find a sense of internal validation from helping people in need or literally taking on their problems? 

Self Love and the Healing the Saviour Complex

One of the darker aspects of the Feminine Saviour, and certainly I speak from my experiences in  various lifetimes, is that being the one who takes on all the sins and suffering of others, can be a wretched and lonely position.

Within this position, your sense of connection to love can be very damaged because parts of you may feel that you solely exist and your value is created through playing a role that is actually damaging you

When you dive deeper into yourself, perhaps you need to find parts of yourself, including unconscious parts, that have established a belief that their only value, comes from playing this role and that have a fear around not playing this role anymore because they fear that their inherent worth will no longer exist.

I've certainly found parts of my subconscious, very deep ingrained parts that felt very cut off from Source, from the Divine Mother and the divine nourishment that we naturally access as our birthright, and feeling that the Saviour role was the only key to their existence, otherwise they really deserved to annihilated. 

As we clear the Feminine Saviour Pattern, our own belief patterns, as well as the guilt and over-responsibility that coms with this pattern will need to be expunged from our systems.

The good news hen we start digging deeper, we will find that we can start to reverse the “hoovering” mechanism that has had us taking in the pain of others. We can then start to become more “solar”: becoming more effective in shining our own light. 

It's very difficult to shine your own light when you are actually trying to metabolise the darkness of others. How could we possibly do that? And how can we possibly have an shiny energetic field, which is let's say like a sun shining out into the world with our truth and with our love, when actually our primary energetic dynamic is towards the core of ourselves and, taking in all the shadow from the outside on its way?

Our decision to heal this pattern becomes stark choice. Am I going to continue to be the Feminine Saviour? Or am I going to clear my system of what is not mine, and shine my own light? 

Am I going to release any internal need or habit, contract or agreement that I’ve been tricked into or forced into that has kept me in this position and that has also caused others to gravitate towards me who need or want me to take their pain and suffering?

Healing the Feminine Saviour forms part of Womb Practitioner Training. This training is far more than learning about the Womb. It's learning about ourselves as Medicine Women, and how we can really hold a space for ourselves to shine our brightest light.


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