The Womb Healing Journey - 4 Vital Steps

Womb Healing is the key to your divine feminine energy. Here is how you can clear old wounds and traumas that need to be healed for you to step into your radiant sexuality, creative inspiration and high level relationships.

Step #1: Conscious Awareness of the Womb

Out of sight, out of mind

The Womb Centre lies deep in the lowest part of the belly, deep within the pelvic bowl. Since our everyday awareness is often in our head, many of us don't habitually or conscious connect with the deeper parts of our bodies, including the Womb - she therefore represents an unconscious aspect of us. I have heard many women and men men begin to work with their Womb centre who say: “I have never paid any attention to my Womb”, or “I feel totally disconnected from this part of myself”. The impact of this may be: feeling disconnected from sexual pleasure, from deep embodied intuition, from a sense of safety and grounding in the body, and much much more.

The role of trauma in disconnecting from the Womb

Another reason that you may be disconnected from the Womb is that you may have a series of accumulated tensions and suppressed emotions stored in your physical body that create an emotional barrier between your conscious awareness and your Womb.

You may need to release the accumulated tensions and bioenergetic blocks in your body in order to be able to connect consciously with the Womb.

Releasing trauma and blocks from the body with breath work

An excellent and simple way of doing this is by systematically directing your breath to all the parts of your body, starting with the head and neck, traveling down through the heart and lungs, and then finally through the digestive system. As you breathe in to specific organs and body parts, you bring in cleansing light and awareness.

When you breathe out, you can also use vocalisation (from sighing to singing to even shouting!) and movement as well as your breath to quickly liberate out old tensions. When you work with highly emotional areas such as the liver, diaphragm and gut you may contact uncomfortable and previously unacknowledged emotions. However, these tensions quickly release and your consciousness begins to travel unimpeded down the body.

When you finally arrive in the deeper parts of your body, you can begin to breathe into physical area of the Womb, noting and releasing any tensions in this area. It is quite common to suddenly connect to feelings such as rage or shame that have been held there. The best approach to these feelings is to acknowledge and release them without rather than analysing them.

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Step 2: Breath, Light and Focus in the Womb

Once you have opened your connection to physical area of the Womb, you can begin to consciously breathe into the Womb Centre. Since this part of us may have been deep in our unconscious, she may not have received the vital energetic nourishment that simple awareness and breath can provide.

A Simple Womb Healing breath exercise:

  • Sit in a relaxed position

  • Cup your hands over your Womb Centre (the bottom edge of your hands around 2 fingers up from the pubic bone)

  • Become aware of your breath and imagine or see your breath as a beautiful cascade of liquid light entering your body

  • Imagine that your Womb Centre is like a beautiful cup, empty and waiting to receive

  • Invite your breath deep into your body, so that your breath pours into your Womb

  • See the liquid light of your breath filling up the cup of your Womb until she begins to overflow

  • As the Womb overflows and you continue to breathe liquid light into her, see the Womb turning into a softly coloured sun, that starts shining out in every direction

  • Feel the physical shifts as this part of you begins to shine and expand, allowing your awareness to become more grounded and deep within you

  • Sit with this experience for as long as you wish

As you breathe down into the Womb, bringing attention, light and nourishment, the Womb begins to respond by expanding, relaxing, and becoming more luminous.

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