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Womb Healing


Welcome to Sacred Womb Awakening - the breakthrough modality and healing path designed to help you overcome past trauma in your Womb & feminine energy to step into a new level of embodiment, sexual power, conscious spiritual relationship and abundance.

I have brought 20 years experience of shamanic, somatic and quantum healing, as well as an academic background in Biology and Human Sciences to Sacred Womb Awakening, making it among the most powerful, complete and multi-dimensional Womb healing processes available today.
Here you can purchase my  Womb Healing online courses and join my Levels I, II & III Trainings to become a certified Womb Healing & Awakening Practitioner.

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Diana Beaulieu
Founder of Sacred Woman Awakening

Womb Healing Certification

Join me for a powerful and life-changing professional training. Womb Awakening is an empowerment  modality that supports your clients to take the most fundamental healing journey back to their energy and foundation in the Womb. Start for just 4 months with Level 1, or join to Level 2 & 3 also!

Womb Healing and Awakening Online Course

Join the ultimate healing programme that brings 8 weeks of progressive healing to your Womb energy. Heal past relationships, ancestral trauma and outworn patterns to create your sacred feminine Womb blueprint.

Womb Healing Certification
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Is Your Womb Energy in Need of Healing?

Are you ready to make shifts in your life on a deep, transformational level? But how can you be sure if Womb healing is the right way forward for you?


Start by reading the 7 Signs You Need Womb Healing and deciding whether or not you recognise these signs in your own life.

Free Video Masterclass

My free masterclass, Increase Your Impact, Income and Inner Growth Through the Womb Healing Journey is for holistic, transformational practitioners who are ready to access the power of the Womb to bring deeper emotional and energetic healing to themselves and their clients, and more financial abundance to their business.

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From the Blog & Video Archive...
What People Say About Sacred Woman Awakening

Zinnia Gupte

While I was healing through my divorce she helped me to go deep within myself, face my fears and obstacles, cry and howl the pain, and really get in touch with my shadow. Through her healing and coaching I was able to touch my truth again, leaving behind victimhood. I emerged as a soul-inspired woman living with an empowered mission and passionate purpose.  

Luna Gupta

Valeriiya Morosova

Diana's field acted as a magnet to my lightest, most evolved inner aspects and brought forward to consciousness that which I knew was already within me, but didn't give myself the courage to recognize. With her I was able to overcome my childhood traumas and transform them into inspiration and vision for myself. 

Valeriiya Morosova
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