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3 Reasons to know your Inner Sacred Woman

A few years ago I led the very first of my Sacred Woman Awakening workshops. I had the privilege of sharing space with gorgeous, sensitive and evolved women from Spain, the UK and India. These workshops were born from an inspiration that came to me to assist women in uncovering their powers of love, intuition, healing and earth connection.

I was nervous to be sharing this work for the first time, as I felt as much as a beginner as the rest of the group. But I knew that some kind of deep knowledge was coming through that I had to share and that however inexperienced I was, this was the beginning of something far greater for me.

I was lucky that my “students” turned out to be great teachers. They seemed perfectly accepting of the fact that I had no more idea what would happen than they did. In fact it created a beautiful intimacy between us all. We shared so many aspects of our hidden selves during the course. Each woman surprised and delighted me with her hidden depths, her healing journey and her powerful medicine path.

Yet what was most powerful for me by far was what happened when I guided the women to find their Sacred Inner Woman. The Inner Sacred Woman resides inside each and every woman. She is, if you like, the part of you who already owns and knows all the love and wisdom that you need. She sees your past, your path and your potential. She has the vision to guide you on your quest for love and fulfilment.

I used a simple guided meditation to help each participant find this Sacred Woman inside their heart-womb, a beautiful deep organic space deep within. I was delighted at how easily each woman found her Inner Sacred Woman. Being in her presence was like bathing in a familiar, yet deeply wise and comforting light.

Somehow, each and every woman changed in mysterious ways following her joyful encounter with her Inner Sacred Woman. One woman, who’d always felt that her value lay in the pleasure that she gave men, realised that her sexuality and femininity was a divine gift and that she was here to help herself and others to celebrate their sexual power from a place of reverence and respect. Another saw her real identity and mission in relation to the Mother Earth and totally shifted her work focus from that day onwards.

Since that first workshop, I made it my mission to share this powerful self-connection with as many women as possible and discover what happens when women find their Inner Sacred Woman. What I have found out so far is that knowing and spending time with your Inner Sacred Woman is powerful on many levels.

First, your Inner Sacred Woman reminds you who you truly are and why you have come here. She’s here to remind you how unique, great, and gifted you are and to help you shine yourself into the world. Her space is a shrine to your unique and shining soul. However small and insignificant you may feel at times, she is here to show you your greatness. Spend time with her and you will feel your inherent divinity blossoming from within.

Second, your Inner Sacred Woman creates a simple place of peace and truth for your soul. Every time I spend time with my Inner Sacred Woman, who appears to me like a timeless old crone who has been patiently waiting an eternity for me to notice her presence, I notice that she never crowds me with ideas or pressure to “do the right thing”. Quite the reverse - she’s a quiet presence who drops in just the right words and images for me to instantly understand any given situation. It’s a welcome rest from the thinking mind with all its doubts and chatter. The truth is plain and simple indeed in the Sacred Woman’s space and the peace that stems from this truth is invaluable.

Third, your Inner Sacred Woman can help you to heal. You can ask for a higher perspective on your life situation. She can help you to transform stuck or painful emotional patterns, helping you to see where they have come from. She is the living wisdom of your emotional body and has the light of self-love and self-honour at her disposal. Go to her to draw deep from her well of love and transformation.

How can you find your Inner Sacred Woman? By relaxing deeply and entering your own inner space, you can call her up to be seen and heard directly by you. Go with clear intention, whatever it is that you most want to heal and transform right now. Your Inner Sacred Woman is waiting for you.

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