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Connect to your Sacred Womb

Having a womb is is one of the fundamental things that makes us women, or “womb-men” as you might put it. Of course we know that the womb is a hugely powerful place within us, where new life is conceived, grown and birthed. However, the womb is a lot more than a baby-growing space.

In ancient times, when women´s spiritual practices were widely permitted, the womb was also considered a sacred spiritual centre, a source of intuition, emotional well-being and physical vitality.

In spiritual circles we often talk about connecting to the Heart and living from the Heart. Coming down from your head to your Heart is indeed making great progress in your life, as your Heart is a centre of immense love, peace and wisdom. We all need to grow our Heart connection in order to grow and evolve, heal our relationships, and find our true purpose. The Sacred Heart is one of the most enduring images that we have to represent unconditional love and compassion.

But there is an even deeper place of connection for us to consider. It’s the Womb. When I speak about the womb I am not just talking about the organ, I am talking about the womb as a spiritual or energy centre that exists whether you have a womb or not, whether your womb is fertile or not.

The Womb is perhaps our deepest spiritual centre and many of us have never consciously connected with it. It’s a part of us that carries immense power and yet for many of us it’s a very wounded or forgotten place, a place we don’t habitually connect.

So how do you get down to your Womb? One of the simplest and most direct ways to the Womb is through your breath. You can put your hands on your womb, and think of your womb like a cup that is literally filling with your breath. Your breath is a liquid light and as your womb receives this, it fills up and becomes luminous. You can let this liquid light overflow from the cup and fill your entire pelvic area with light. This should make you feel very grounded and peaceful.

Once you begin to connect with your womb in this way, you can start to expand the light of your luminous womb out all the way through you. The light that fills the womb and expands out from it is very warm, rich and dense, it feels very close to your physical energy. See this light filling your whole energy field. When your Womb light fills out your energy field, it’s like there is no room for anything else except your sacred energy. You are literally filling your space with your own sacred energy and saying “I AM”.

When you shine from the Womb, you can naturally take your space and be yourself authentically in a peaceful and confident way as your boundaries strengthen. This means that you can disentangle your energy from other people’s more effectively, effortlessly knowing what is yours what is not, so that you can stop taking on other peoples’ problems, energies and emotions.

Practicing womb connection through your breath will make you feel naturally grounded. If you are anxious or prone to over-thinking, becoming womb-centred helps you to become calmer and literally brings you to earth. Your thoughts slow down, and you relax into your body. Your womb connects you to your parasympathetic nervous system, and so you begin to enter into a space of physical relaxation which is restorative and nourishing for you.

As you physically relax and ground, you let go of the habitual anxiety that comes from thinking too much and dealing with things from your mind. You start to discover a place of simplicity and intuition deep within your body. Issues in your life that felt complicated and overwhelmed you become more manageable as you connect with a deep truth and simplicity within you that guides you like a compass. Your womb knows what you need – she is a very wise part of you.

So I encourage to become more “womb-ful” every day. It just takes a few minutes to guide your breath down into your womb and nourish your womb with attention, breath and light. The benefits are quickly felt and multiply with practice. Want regular feminine inspiration? Sign up here for free articles and news from Sacred Woman Awakening Need more love in your life? Sign up here for your FREE VIDEO GIFT: The Self Love Miracle for Body, Mind and Relationships

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