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Healing the Womb for Conscious Conception and Pregnancy

Womb Healing for Conscious Conception
Image by Sandra Seitama

Why Womb healing for conscious conception and pregnancy?

Conscious conception is the process of spiritually preparing for the arrival of your child. The Womb is the cradle of love and power that brings each of us into life. What we experience within our mother’s Womb from the very first moment of our physical existence forms the cellular and emotional foundation of our reality. In an ideal world, a child’s spirit is consciously invited into its mother’s Womb in an act of conscious creation and her Womb is a place of rich, loving awareness and nourishment that serves to create a deep foundation of love and security for that growing human soul. However, the Womb may hold holds buried pain and trauma, resulting not only from a woman's individual life experiences but also from collective and ancestral patterns. It is vitally important to clear these patterns in order to bring your child into a clear and healed container. This is a huge gift to humanity - to help those who are coming to be free of the trauma that has historically bound us.

How women can prepare for conscious conception

Restoring the Safe Space of the Womb In order for humanity to fully evolve into its highest potential, it is helpful that the body and and Womb of any woman who wishes to conceive be as clear as possible from past traumas. This will help the arriving soul "land" in a safe space and experience the highest form of maternal love within the Womb.

Connecting to the Womb

It is in each woman’s power to forge a conscious connection to her Womb as a space of incredible sexual, creative and spiritual power. From that starting point of connection, she is then able to listen to the voice of her Womb. She can start to hear what her Womb is saying and feeling, what memories she stores, what feelings she holds. Perhaps she is holding grief and sadness of past terminations, miscarriages, or the fact of not having been able to hold life. Perhaps her Womb has struggled with menstrual pain, or disease. Perhaps she holds the memory and pain of unloving sexuality and even abuse.

Healing the Womb

The woman can pour healing light into this painful memory. She can bathe the cells of her Womb, the fluids and liquids of her Womb in clear healing light. She can give voice to the pain in her Womb, she can acknowledge it, sing it, dance it, cry it out, opening a channel of expression for her Womb to release all the old emotions and experiences that are no longer serving her in her longing to be a pure loving vessel for new life.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral power and pain also transmits directly through the uterus. Knowing, this, a woman can sit in ceremony and call in her feminine ancestors, that strong-willed line of women that has lived, loved and birthed through humanity’s darkest times. She can call upon them to tell her of their power, their traumas, their weariness and their joy, all of which now sit in her Womb. The woman can call upon healing light for herself and all of her ancestors, calling to clear away generations of painful patterns that have accumulated over time, and to set the clear intention that only the highest consciousness will move forward to her children. She chooses to cut the painful patterns, and in doing so she sets past and future generations free.

Soul Communication with the Child

Now that the vessel is clear, a woman can also find the deep, shamanic ways of soul-journeying through her Womb. She finds the pathways into the core of her Womb, and here is where direct communication with the arriving soul of her child is possible. She can whisper to her child, listen to it, honour its decision to come, prepare it consciously to arrive in the Womb, let it know that she is now ready to hold and cradle it in its first months of existence.

How men can prepare for conscious conception

The Man can also prepare himself for conception. He can sit with his masculine Womb and allow the depths of his feelings and emotions to arise. He can call in light and awareness to cleanse his sexual and emotional pain, all of the feelings that have been repressed and cut off. He can call in his masculine ancestors and let them recount their pain, their frustration, their trauma and disassociation. He can invite them to receive healing light, so that the legacy of masculine distortion may be healed within him and only the highest masculine light shines forth through him. He can call upon himself to be a bridge, through his loving sexuality, into a new divine form of fatherhood and partnership, affirming himself as the protector of new life and the divine feminine vessel that holds it.

Making love for conscious conception

The man and woman can choose for their sexual experience of conception to be as sacred as possible. The woman can open herself to her man, knowing that she has the generative power of the galaxy within the dark mystery of her Womb. The man can bring his seed into the woman’s Womb as a gift of brilliant healing and creative light that illuminates her womb and completes her creative power. When conception is complete, a newly pregnant mother can sit in communion with her child, opening a divine channel of love between her Heart and her Womb so that the baby is enveloped in warmth, nourishment and unconditional love. The amniotic fluid in the Womb is impregnated and programmed with pure, unconditional love. This creates an optimum for the arriving soul and its powerfully growing body. The growing child feels the peace and trust within its mother. The growing child feels the love that created its body. The woman is aligned with her Womb. She is a pure and vertical channel of all the forces of heaven and earth and they meet in the space where her child grows. Through her Womb the child feels the constant love and nourishment of the earth and the divine light of the universe shining through it. Can you imagine the child born from this conception and pregnancy? Can you imagine the Earth full of children such as this? We have the power to create this shift. Each man and woman preparing for conception has an incredible opportunity to awaken and heal their Womb. It is part of our awakening to take responsibility for our deepest centre of power and creation - and create new life in its highest potential.


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