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Getting Ready for Sacred Union or Conscious Relationship

Dear reader, I am delighted to share this amazing summit video with you, where you will learn how I prepared for the most beautiful "conscious relationship" with my Beloved, Simon.

I share with Kelly Morgan, Sacred Womb Practitioner, creator of the Healing Beauty Summit and founder of Kelly Morgan TV :

Getting Ready for Sacred Union:

  • What is a REAL Sacred Union (not a fantasy or over spiritualised one)

  • What makes a conscious relationship between two partners

  • The attitude of giving that's necessary to attract love

  • How I got ready to meet my Beloved (a lot of trauma work and self healing)

  • The multi-dimensional levels of Soulmate connection

Want to get ready for a sacred union / conscious relationship?

I invite you to download my free guide: 8 Keys for Conscious Relationship so you can start on your journey to get ready NOW!

Here you will learn:

What makes a conscious relationship different from relationships you've learned before:

  • Becoming self-sourcing with your love - no more looking for it outside yourself

  • Taking responsibility for your emotions

  • Disentangling from the co-dependent drama triangle

  • Deciding on your sexual polarity for lasting attraction

  • Taking charge of your sexual pleasure

  • Making a clear decision on what you wish to manifest in your current or next relationship

  • Moving into the energetic resonance of sacred union


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