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Are You a Modern Medicine Woman?

As we awaken into our multidimensional capacities once more, many of us are remembering and re-activating an incredible range of gifts, abilities and archetypes that are not yet fully recognised in mainstream society. One of the most important archetypes that has returned in full force to humanity is the Medicine Woman - and many woman are now on a journey to integrate her far-reaching gifts into their lives and the modern world. It can be an exhilarating but confusing journey to welcome back ancient abilities that still don´t “belong” to our society´s narrow views and current “consensual reality”.

Who is the Medicine Woman? The Medicine Woman is one of the most forgotten and suppressed female archetypes in human history. She is the wise woman, the visionary or the seer, the oracle, the shaman, the priestess, the nature witch among many other possible manifestations. The Medicine Woman holds the gifts of energy healing and expanded consciousness. She sees the past and future and sees deep into the hearts of others. Her passion is to serve and restore harmony, balance and healing to humanity and the Earth. She is now ready to return as part of a greater human awakening. In our pre-patriarchal past, during arguably hundreds of thousands of years, the Medicine Woman occupied a celebrated position in her society. She served her community in all parts of the globe in myriad ways as shaman, wise woman, midwife, herbalist, oracle, priestess, sacred dancer and queen. Her gifts of vision and healing were honoured and integrated into the every lives of those she served. She brought wisdom and humility to powerful rulers through her oracle gifts that brought guidance from spirit. She tended the sacred feminine through honouring the cycles and fertility of the Earth. Her far-seeing shamanic vision was ancient medicine for the soul. Her myths and stories restored meaning and truth to even the deepest suffering. She held the keys to her sexual power and that of the divine union between masculine and feminine.

How the Medicine Woman Disappeared For a while, across many cultures, her archetype was suppressed, condemned, punished, distorted and eventually forgotten as patriarchal systems of rule through domination denied the value of the feminine and denigrated women and Earth as inferior and evil. The heart of feminine power was forgotten and even women forgot to see themselves as powerful. Through history, the violent suppression of feminine medicine power intensified to a peak with the hunting and burning of “witches” throughout the great European inquisitions. Countless women lost their lives and endured unbearable physical and emotional trauma as a result of the demonisation of feminine magical and healing power. Their power went underground, and the gifts of the Medicine Woman were obliterated from our culture, our minds and our hearts. Medicine Woman Gifts and Roles In order to assist in this remembering (to re-member is actually to put the parts or members of oneself back together), here is an outline of some of the most important Medicine Woman abilities or roles: 1) The “Seer”, or Intuitive / Empath The Seer is she who sees through the dimensions and across time and space. The ability to be a Seer underlies many other Medicine Woman capacities, particularly that of the Oracle and the Shaman. Her expanded capacity for vision allows her to penetrate the multidimensional fabric of existence. She sees the expanded energy field and multidimensional reality of life. Her hyper-sensitive system senses the emotions and energetic states of those around her. She may choose to work as a healer on a subtle energetic level or communicate to help others see the greater patterns and energies operating in their lives. 2) The “Oracle” or Truth Teller / Sacred Clown The Oracle is she who sees and tells the truth from a high, multidimensional viewpoint. She serves as a guide for others in their quest for soul truth and aligned action. The Oracle in ancient times held a powerful place in society as the guide and moral compass to Kings and rulers - just as the Fool or Sacred Clown was often the only member of the King´s court who had permission to tell unflattering truths. Her ability as a Seer is combined with a powerful voice that speaks fearlessly of the dark side of life as well as the light - and she aims to correct imbalance and injustice in the world by challenging whatever behaviour strays from pure and aligned intention. 3) The “Shaman” or Shadow Worker / Soul Healer Holding the gifts of the Seer, but with the assistance of her inner knowledge or her spirit animal and plant guides, she traverses the veil between the seen and unseen dimensions. She uncovers soul secrets, and reveals the mystery, wounds and shadows of her patients to heal trauma and restore lost power. She has lived and understands the powerful archetypal journeys through life and death that must be made in order for us grow and heal. She may work through and with the physical body, emotions and subtle energies in order to foster complete healing. Her healing work is grounded and real and leads to powerful transformation. 4) The “Priestess” or Circle Holder / Ritualist The Priestess is a holder of ritual and ceremonial space. She is deeply connected to her Womb and sexual power. She assists men and women in embodying divine love. She holds the ceremonial space for women to come together in circle to heal and grow. She builds community and cohesion in her community. She reminds each of us of our power and spiritual connection and may teach this through art, dance, ritual and song. She holds the archetypal keys of divine feminine and helps others to embody their own sacred feminine power and authority. 5) The “Nature Witch” or Plant / Earth Medicine Holder The Nature Witch connects intuitively and through her ancestral knowledge to the healing power of plants, medicinal herbs, plant essences, crystals and other elements of nature. Her work is to bring balance and health back to the the human body and spirit through the deep healing of Mother Earth´s energies. She holds fine and intricate knowledge that she applies precisely in the healing of specific ailments and diseases as well as psychological and energetic imbalances. She may act as a herbalist and midwife among other roles. The Return of the Medicine Woman As the wheel of time turns again towards the Golden Age, the Medicine Woman is now returning. Millions of women on this planet hold this archetype deep within their hearts and wombs. Many carry the memories of their extraordinary powers and the many lives they lived to express those powers in service. They also carry the wounds of being denied, punished and suppressed for who they rightfully were. The Medicine Woman is ready to emerge again into the complexity of the modern world, that is dominated on one hand by traditional Abrahamic and other religions and the other by “rationality” and the modern religion of science. Neither of these mainstream paradigms have the flexibility and humility to acknowledge the magic, mystery, intuitive natural healing power and veneration for the Earth and humanity that is innate to the Medicine Woman. So it is the task of the Modern Medicine Woman to give birth to her powers in a world that does not yet fully understand her - and to heal the wounds of this lifetime and others in order to shine her powers brightly and fearlessly again. The Medicine Woman archetype lies deep in the heart of many feminine teachers, healers, counsellors, guides, coaches, doctors, ceremony holders, social activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, communicators and artists. They may have been educated and raised in a masculine paradigm - but they have chosen to awaken this archetype within them to challenge and heal humanity and the earth. Do you hold the Medicine Woman archetype? Have you struggled to see how you fit in, what your path is, how to express your true self in your work and relationships? In that case It’s time for you to heal, tune in with your gifts, and take your rightful place again in the world. You are needed! The world needs women like you to step into power and visibility and be a beacon of hope, light and healing. When you do, your work will bring much needed balance and healing to the world.

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