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7 Tips for Sacred Self-Care

In our busy world, we are often so busy doing, achieving, and serving others that we can forget to balance this with time that is truly ours and ours alone, and where we make a space to give ourselves the love that we so shine out to others so easily.

Sacred self-care is a beautiful and creative way to ground the truth that you are divine soul into your every day life.

Sacred self-care is an OFFERING that you make to the divine woman that you are.

Just for a moment, you transform the space where you are in into a temple, where all the available energy is focused on you as a beautiful goddess worthy of love and adoration.

Sacred self-care is a space where you build your INNER experience as a Sacred Woman. Sacred self-care is not just about going for a manicure or facial spa. In your sacred self-care act, whether body-centred or not, the focus is on cultivating beauty and well being through your inner world of self-awareness as you connect your heart, mind, body and spirit. It’s a space where you remember who you truly are.

When you engage in regular sacred self-care you:

  • allow yourself to rest, release and replenish;

  • honour your need for self-love and self-nourishment;

  • connect to the sacred in everything within you and around you and

  • celebrate your body as the temple of your soul.



Create a weekly slot in your diary a sacred self-care ritual. Give yourself at least an hour for that ritual, and preferably more. Once you get into sacred self-care on a weekly basis, think about how you can incorporate a sacred self-care act every day.


A beautiful way to engage in sacred self-care is to have a regular spa visit. Saunas, steam-rooms and spas are all modern versions of the sweat lodge, an age-old way to create sacred space where you not only clear tension and toxicity from your body but you can move into a calm and meditative space of relaxation and connection with the divine. Your sacred self-care focus at the spa is PURIFICATION and PEACE of mind, body and spirit.


When you receive a massage or simply anoint your face with beautiful aromatherapy oils you connect with an ancient and sensual way of celebrating your sacredness. When Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus with rare and expensive oils, his disciples frowned upon her extravagant act. Well in reality she had the right idea! Anointing your face and body with sacred oils such as rose, jasmine, and orange blossom is a wonderful way to increase your sense of enjoyment through the wondrous mystery of scent. You receive the love and consciousness of sacred flowers like a goddess being garlanded in flowers. Your sacred self-care focus is PLEASURE and SENSUALITY.


Eating is one of our most fundamental sacraments. Each time you eat, we are accepting sacred life force from the universe to sustain you. Make a meal of beautiful nourishing foods and make a ritual of eating and receiving this food into your body. Set the space so it is clear and quiet. Take your time to eat. With every mouthful give thanks as you remember the sacredness of all life and how each meal reminds you of your interdependence with all living things. Each mouthful is a sacred offering to you so that you can continue your sacred mission here on Earth. Your sacred self-care focus is RECEIVING and NOURISHMENT.


Take time out find to a place of beauty and go on a sacred nature walk. Walk slowly and feel your feet connecting to the Earth. Let your mind quieten and open your senses to receive the scents, energies, colours and beauty of plants and animals. Stop frequently just to take in what is around you and let yourself be drawn to a particular plant you come across or a bird or animal that appears. What are they telling you and sharing with you? If you’re in an urban environment, another version of this ritual is to buy flowers and spent time at home contemplating their beauty, drinking in their scents and colours. Your sacred self-care focus is CONNECTION and NATURE WISDOM.


If you have a loved one or partner you would like to share sacred self-care time with, invite him/her to the sacred temple where you preside as a goddess. Allow yourself to receive love, attention and nourishment from your partner. It could be a meal, a massage, a poem read from the heart. The idea is to create a sacred pause in your day-to-day relationship where you receive the gifts, recognition and veneration worthy of the divine woman you are. Your sacred self-care focus is INTIMACY and SELF-RECOGNITION.


You can often transform aspects of your daily routine into a sacred self-offering just by changing the AWARENESS with which you do things. For example, at breakfast time, you can choose to bless your food, give thanks for this food as a divine offering to your soul, and eat it with the awareness that it is pure light and healing for your body. You can apply your moisturiser in the morning with a loving caress, whispering words of appreciation to your sacred face. Eventually, when you have mastered sacred self-care you can transform ANY action into an act of self-love! Sacred self-care is all about building and grounding your consciousness of your divinity into your life. The more you engage in it, the more your self-esteem, self-honour and self-love expand into every corner of your heart.

May acts of sacred self-care become you natural way of being! Self-care is an important way to manifest love towards yourself, which in turn attracts love to you from the outside world!

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