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Creating a Sacred Space for Womb Healing

Womb Healing is a powerful and rich healing experience that will help you to move more deeply into your feminine energy. In this article, I want to highlight important considerations and techniques when preparing your physical space for Womb Healing - whether you are a Womb healer / practitioner or doing Womb healing for yourself personally.

Healing the Earth as a foundation for Womb Healing

The first consideration is the health and happiness of the Earth herself in the space where you are doing Womb healing. Whether you live and work in a city or in nature, you can “check in” with the Earth and help to heal her in many simple and powerful ways.

We need to be aware that we are reflections of the Earth herself and and it’s much more difficult for us to heal when we work in space where the Earth is in a state of trauma, disharmony and sadness. The Earth needs healing and love in order to provide us a rich, nurturing and healing space for us in our human experience of transformation.

One of the most powerful ways in which you can prepare for doing Womb work is to choose, and energetically prepare your healing space with care and awareness, taking into account the natural energies of the Earth around you. I teach this in my Womb Practitioner Course as a foundation for good practice.

What makes a good Womb Healing space?

The most important characteristic of a good healing space is that it be in harmony with the natural order of organic life on Earth

The natural order is a state of integrity, love, balance and correct relationship between:

  • Humans as a physical, spiritual and emotional beings

  • The physical, spiritual and emotional bodies of the Earth herself

  • The physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of all natural living things including animals, plants, minerals, and the elements

  • The physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of all natural bodies of light such as the Sun and stars and other cosmic bodies

The quality of our Healing Space with regards to nature and the natural order is is important because:

We form part of the Natural Order, including the Earth, the Sun, the elements and the greater cosmic forces of creation

We are designed to be vertical pillars for the divine higher consciousness of our beings to come through our bodies and anchor deep into the Earth.

Significant healing and transformation occurs for us effortlessly and naturally when we consciously establish a healthy alignment with the energies of Earth and cosmos.

When you sent up your healing space with care you will ALREADY start healing the moment you enter the space. This makes your work much easier from the outset!

Qualities of a good Womb Healing space

A building or teaching space that is in harmony with the natural order and promotes natural healing has the following qualities:

  • Peaceful, quiet, harmonious

  • Connection to nature, in a place of natural beauty and harmony

  • Access to natural light

  • Constructed from natural materials such as wood, earth, natural fabrics

  • Ground floor / close to the Earth / allows natural Earth energies into it

  • Natural sounds - no invasive artificial sounds from the outside

  • Feels contained and private - all entrances to the space can be closed

  • Warm and dry

This may conjure up images of a beautiful yurt or wooden space in nature.

However the reality for many of us is that we don’t have access to natural spaces that are ideal. Many of us live in cities where the Earth has been repeatedly traumatised, or in high rise blocks, or in buildings made of synthetic materials.

So how to create a great healing space when you live in a city, or high up from the ground, or are working online in the digital space? This is a growing reality for many of us whether we are doing healing work personally for ourselves, or working as professional in-person and online. I share about how to prepare your sacred space for Womb healing, even if you are following an online course such as my 8 Week Womb Healing Course.

Real life troubleshooting for your healing space

This troubleshooting list will help you identify where you can energetically upgrade your space! It is followed by some simple but profound practices to work with the Earth and the building where you live.

Factors that disrupt the harmony of a Womb Healing space

  • The trauma of the Earth underneath the building - building work that was done without permission or ceremony, drilling of foundations, insertion of drains and tubing. These create trauma vortices in the Earth that can attract in low vibration and stagnant energies - and also make the Earth herself feel violated.

  • The trauma and sadness of Earth, plants and animals in the surroundings of the building e.g. the garden spaces. This may be common where trees have been uprooted, plants are thirsty, or there is a general lack of conscious care for the Earth.

  • Stagnant old energies, including the vibrational memory of suffering and strong negative emotions. These get embedded in the physical structures of the building including the walls.

  • Artificial light such as strip lighting, and LED bulbs along with a lack of natural light or sufficient windows in the building

  • Wifi and other artificial electromagnetic signals.

  • Floor insulation blocking electromagnetic charge from the Earth, or the space being high up from the ground in a multi-storey building

  • Artificial materials used in the construction of the building such as cement, plastics, foams

  • Lack of air circulation, damp and mould

  • Layout and shape features of the building that prevent natural energy flow (small cramped spaces, corridors, for example).

Bringing balance to your Womb Healing Space

In order to bring your healing space back to balance, there are profound and effective energy and consciousness techniques that you can use where you are working directly in partnership with the spirit of the Earth and the spirit of the space you are in.

Here are some pointers to spiritually optimising your Womb Healing space (these are taught in greater detail in my Womb Practitioner course). You will of course need to make some practical changes where possible (e.g. replacing LED lighting with candles during a healing journey).

How to heal the Earth's trauma

  • Let the Earth know you are sorry for any trauma and disrespect that she has experienced here in this space.

  • Ask for permission from the Earth to co-create healing with her and be a witness to her capacity for self-healing

  • Let the Earth know if is safe for her now to receive the light she needs to heal her traumas and wounds

  • Call for healing light (I call this universal Source energy ) to arrive for the Earth so that she can use it and allow it to penetrate deeply into her body

How to clear unwanted energies

Use the power of your INTENTION to command that old, wounded, dense energies that no longer serve be cleared from the space.

You may wish to also use the following tools:

  • You can use WHITE SAGE / PALO SANTO or other sacred herbs to smudge through the space. Ask that the spirit of the sacred plant you use penetrate the physical walls, doors, floors, roof and foundation to clear any embedded emotions and memories in the space

  • You can use RATTLES in the same way - the spirit of the rattles will also penetrate physical structures and their sound carries your intention.

  • You can use SONG, DANCE, WORDS to bring life and embodiment to your intention - be creative and have fun!

How to anchor your personal Womb healing intentions in a space

Before any self-healing session, or client /group session, take a moment to anchor in the emotional and energetic qualities that you would like to experience in this space.

You can do this simply with intention and focus.

“I invite in the feeling and experience of …….. into this space”

Suggestions for inviting in experiential aspects of the Womb healing space

  • My feeling of safety to heal my Womb

  • My feeling of connection to the Earth

  • My loving connection to my clients (if working in the space space as a practitioner)

You will find that just by using these simple steps, you will enjoy far greater energy, alignment and light in your healing space and that it will be far easier for you to go through the powerful energetic transformation that Womb Healing brings!

Want to go deeper?

When I train Womb Awakening Practitioners, I share ancient shamanic techniques to work deeply with the land, Earth and buildings where they live and carry out their Womb Healing work.

I also comprehensive simple guidelines for creating a sacred space on my 8 Week Womb Healing Course.


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