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7 Keys to Manifesting: the Feminine Way

I have an important secret to share with you. Women REALLY DO manifest things differently from how men do. The problem is that we’ve been taught to function like men in a man’s world…and often our attempts to succeed through DOING have left us feeling drained, confused, and ultimately unrewarded,

The good news is that it’s possible to tune into a whole new way of manifesting what you want. It’s fun, graceful and beautiful…and you’ll find it a lot more easy and natural than the old "trying and doing" route.

1) BE

The first principle is to understand that you create from WHO YOU ARE. Instead of trying so hard to DO, focus on BEING the clearest, most loving vessel of creation that you can become. Find your calm, still point every day from which you can create all that you need and more. You are a powerful Goddess creator, and the Goddess energy of creation is graceful and effortless. You have the courage to command all that you desire and need into existence – just make sure you are wise, loving and bold enough to ask for that which is for your highest good. The more you embody your highest potential the most your dreams and goals are aligned with your highest vision.


Since your state of BEING is so crucial to how you make things happen as a woman it’s important to pay attention to HEALING yourself. This helps you to stop putting your energy into creating things from a place of need and fear. Bring to light the shadows, fears and false desires that can drive you to trying to do things for the wrong reasons. What you really deeply want to create comes from love, not fear. Know that you have the right to be the most luminous, joyful, courageous version of yourself and imagine how much more you can be and achieve when you’re fully shining your light.


As a woman, you have the capacity to tune in to your higher self, your intuition, your Goddess self or whatever you would like to call this part…and RECEIVE all the vision, inspiration and guidance you need for your life and purpose. Your soul knows exactly why you are here and once you tap into this things will flow. You also need to know how receive from life. Just think of all the limitless energy, light and food that comes from our Sun and our Earth and how much there is of everything that we need. It’s only our minds that see scarcity when actually there is limitless abundance. Open your Heart to receive your vision from within and love and resources from without and watch miracles unfold.


Allowing means stepping aside and trusting life to look after you. This is a big one! Have you noticed how the aspects of your life that you most stress over and try to control are the ones that just don’t flow? And the aspects that you don’t give much thought to just run themselves? Take note of what you’re stressing over and trying to control. Or what gives you fear. Then take a step back. Take your guidance from nature. Do flowers sweat as they unfurl their petals? Do they worry that the sun is going to rise tomorrow? No, they are fully allowing life to happen. Make it a practice to step back and surrender aspects of your life that you think you need to control. Watch as these aspects begin to unfold so much more gracefully as answers and solutions turn up in unexpected way.


For you to manifest through your feminine energy you need to be connected to the right people, circumstances and opportunities. Just like any living being needs to be in the right place within its ecosystem to thrive, you need to be embedded in the right community of souls, in the right place at the right time for your soul to flourish. The more you allow life to happen, the more these people and events show up in wonderful and synchronous ways. A simple prayer can open up the way. Ask that the right people, events and opportunities be created for you to take you on your highest path.


Feminine manifestation is all about collaboration. There is absolutely no need for competition. Yes you got that right. NONE. WE are each of us is unique and the best and most brilliant and in fact ONLY version of ourselves. No-one can do what we do, no-one can be what we are. This knowing opens up the way to lovingly collaborate and share with others, trusting that each person will light up their gifts and strengths in a way that is for the highest good of all. Collaborate fearlessly, shining your light and sharing your gifts with other people who co-create through integrity and love.


The nature of woman and of the creator Goddess is above all, to give. She gives gracefully, effortlessly and joyfully. She has so much internal love, power and mojo there is no need to worry about what she will get back because she is already an expert at receiving. She knows that there is enough for her and much more besides. As you create in the world, be prepared to give unconditionally to those you wish to serve. When you realize that being genuinely in service is actually the most effective route to success, abundance and happiness you will place no limit on what you’re prepared to give.

I wish you incredible success, joy and abundance this coming year. May you discover and enjoy an easier more feminine path to your dreams.

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