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5 Feminine Keys for Creating Inspired Change

You are ready for change. There are old things to be shed. New things to be embraced. How can you create a new life through graceful, inspired change?

Without trying or forcing? Without exhausting yourself?

The path of graceful feminine creation is less about trying… and more about being Your sacred feminine task is to do the inner work that aligns you with your inspired creation.

Inside of you there is a pure vision just waiting to be birthed... And outside of you a sacred web of love, relationships and miracles ready to gift you everything you need Use these five sacred feminine principles to experience the inspired change you need. 1. BE The first feminine principle of inspired creation is that you are a sacred vessel through which everything in your life is birthed. Commit to becoming the most clear and empowered creative channel. Cultivate peace, wisdom, emotional clarity and energetic balance. These are the feminine foundations of your being Make space within you. Make room for the new to enter. Make room for mystery to unfold. Be clear and open so that all manner of inspiration and surprises can come through. When you are centred and clear in your BEING you become a powerful sacred creator. Your feminine creative energy of creation becomes a graceful and effortless flow. Slow down. Do less. Breathe. Empty yourself, of busyness, of doing, of trying, of striving, of going after things. When you are ready, when you are clear, act with grace and precision. Allowing new possibilities arise from your inner clarity is the foundation for inspired change in your life. 2. HEAL Since your state of BEING is so crucial to what you create, your most important investment you can make is in HEALING and transforming yourself. If your last relationship caused you pain, don´t jump into the next without healing. Whatever caused the suffering in the past may still at least partly within you. Bring to light the shadows and fears that were magnetizing painful experiences into your life. Own your traumas. Own your emotional wounds. Listen to how your body expresses your pain. See where you were attracting things from a place of need, attachment and fear. Take responsibility for what you have created until now and commit to transformation. Clear the patterns and programs that have been running your life. Shed old layers. Release toxicity. Call back energy that you have given away. Call back power that was taken away. Keep going until you have released all that is old and outworn. Keep going until you feel whole and complete within yourself. The deepest inspired change come from fullness and self-love, from your healed self. 3. TRUST From your healed, whole and centered state you can connect to the truth of who you are and trust your inner wisdom. Your true self may be radically different from who you were told you are, who you were expected to be, and what society at large has programmed you to want to be. Sidestep your mental conditioning and your rational mind. Ignore the expectations of those around you.

Go on an feminine vision quest. Seek within. Dive into your Heart and Womb. Arrive in your intuitive center. Experience yourself as you truly are. The inner spiritual truth of your uniqueness and sacredness is something that only you can know.

No-one else has the right to define you. Find the deep inner vision - the one that feels right and true at every level of your being. Trust the vision, however crazy. Trust yourself to create it. Trust life to support you. Trust your feelings. Trust your inspired creative impulses. Follow your excitement. Follow your joy. Trust that inspired change begins when you align with your authentic inner vision.

4. RECEIVE You don´t have to go it alone. You don’t have to create from thin air. You don’t have to drain your inner and outer resources in order to create change in your world. You are integral to in a loving, giving cosmos that wants to receive every kind of vital energy that you need. Receiving is one of your foundational feminine principles. Being able to receive forms part of a divine cycle. The more you receive the more you are able to give. Receiving is vital to inspired creation. Perhaps you feel you do not deserve to receive. Perhaps you believe “there is not enough”. Perhaps you think “I have to struggle and fight to get what I need”. You were taught to experience scarcity when actually there is limitless abundance. Imagine for a moment all the limitless energy, light and nourishment that comes from our Sun and our Earth. Imagine all the money, all the trillions of dollars available in the monetary system. Imagine all the love energy that underlies all creation. There is an ocean of love and abundance that is waiting for you to receive it. Open your feminine feminine power centers, your Heart, your Womb, need to let in the love, magic and miracles that are waiting for you. Open yourself to unlimited love, encouragement, resources, relationships, opportunities and more. Call them in. Trust that life will respond to your call.

Embrace abundance and well-being. Open the doors of your Heart and Womb. Receive all the love, energy and abundance that are needed for your creative vision to manifest. 5) SURRENDER Surrender is the opposite of control. Surrender is inner freedom. Surrender is the divine feminine allowing everything to unfold in perfect order. Surrender allows the most incredible things to be created through you. Take your guidance from nature. Do flowers sweat as they unfurl their petals? Do they worry that the sun is going to rise tomorrow? No, they are fully in the moment. They are allowing life to unfold through them. Their grace and power is majestic. Control and worry are the opposite of surrender. When we bring control and worry into our creative endeavors we actually block life from unfolding as it needs to. When will my next client arrive? Will there be enough money? Every part of your life that you try to control, is a part of your life your don’t trust. Where fear is lurking within you. Make it a practice to step back and surrender aspects of your life that you think you need to control. Breathe out that part of your life. Whatever it is. Deliver it to the majestic universe. Your divine prayer is “I put my creative vision into the hands of life.. I trust that all is unfolding perfectly and I allow it to do so” Allow your healing to deepen. Keep releasing fear. Keep releasing control. There is nothing passive in surrender. When you surrender, you arrive more fully in the present moment. You become fully available to what is unfolding. You act when inspired to do so. Your action is perfectly aligned. Surrender is the sweetest, deepest level of feminine power you can possibly experience and allows you to fully co-create with life. Be the divine channel for inspired and ecstatic creative flow. Get out of the way so life can come through. Open. Trust. Surrender. Receive. Manifest through your feminine. Let´s birth a new world into existence!

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