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3 Steps to Creating Inner Abundance

The word “abundance” comes from to us from the mid-14th century French, via the Latin abundantia, meaning “fullness, plenty”.

We often use “abundance” interchangeably with wealth. However, abundance is far more profound, and important than wealth.

While abundance can manifest externally (through money, property and other resources that we associate with wealth), abundance is also, and I would argue, most importantly, an inner state. In order to attract external abundance, we first need to be in a state of internal abundance that exists independently of what we do or do not currently have.

What is inner abundance?

Beyond our physical self exists a being of infinite power, love and energy. Abundance is essentially a clear, rich flow of energy, love, trust, gratitude and openness to receiving that is sourced from this level of our being. When we open this flow within us, we feel a profound sense of peace and trust.

Our hearts and minds naturally orient us to thoughts, feeling states and actions that are expansive and creative. Through our open and relaxed manifestation into the world we open and draw in the external manifestations of abundance in the form that we need.

To see abundance in action we only need to look at our natural world. How the magnificent sun rises each day and gives us millions more times of light energy than we could possibly need. Each day billions of leaves and flowers unfurl effortlessly to receive that energy. Thus the Earth creates more food than we could possibly eat. Abundance is all around us – we just need to align to it and realize that it is there!

How can we create inner abundance?

Abundance is like a fountain of natural energy flow that exists within everyone. To cultivate inner abundance we need clearing our blocks to this natural flow from within. We need to address the energetic, mental and emotional patterns and paradigms that are literally clogging up our abundance flow so that we can connect the natural unlimited abundance that exists within and around us.

1) Healing our beliefs and emotions around abundance

Many of us have been programmed with toxic belief structures such as “there is not enough to go around”, “I must struggle to survive”, and “I must sacrifice my soul for money”. Our society teaches us again and again that money and other forms of abundance something can only be obtained through fear and effort.

More importantly and more deeply, we carry deep emotional wounds, including feelings of core shame and guilt that make us feel fundamentally unworthy of receiving. We need to address these beliefs and emotions by clearing and transforming them so that we can arrive in an “abundance paradigm” in our inner world and feel ourselves to be truly worthy of all that is good.

We need to also let go of the lie that “it is better to give than to receive” and understand that as cyclical beings, we need to receive just as much as we give in order for balance to be maintained.

2) Healing our awareness of who we truly are

Many of us have been programmed to believe that we are small, insignificant and limited beings who are struggling alone in a vast universe. Perhaps if we are lucky we believe that there is a “God” out there to help us. However, the truth of the matter is that we are hugely powerful, unlimited beings with a direct connection to Source.

Ultimately, we ARE the flow of abundance that we seek from outside ourselves. It is time to truly embrace our greater soul power that comes directly from Source. Just like a tap of golden light, we can literally switch this on and open it until our inner river is flowing with gold! We can feel the natural trust, joy and fullness that no external wealth alone can really give us.

3) Making a love agreement with life

Inner abundance is a crucial to creating what I like to call a “love agreement with life”. This essentially says, “I offer into the world that which is my passion and my true purpose and I open myself to receive everything that I need upon my journey”. Inner abundance is crucial when we step out to live our dreams. We need to be able to trust that life will meet our needs when we step out of our “safety net” into the unknown.

A beautiful example of abundance mentality exists in nature. The tiny hummingbird migrates for thousands of miles from North to South America. Being so small, it relies on finding an open flower every few minutes to provide life-replenishing nectar. It must trust that a flower will open for it on every step of its journey. Its wings beating behind it, its chest curved forward, its heart is truly open to life. May you be as a hummingbird on your life adventure so that you can live out your love agreement with life!

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